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Directories of .torrent files and BitTorrent trackers.

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  • - Searchable torrent directory, forum, and tracker.
  • - Searchable Bittorrent tracker and forum.
  • Hongfire Anime Network - Searchable anime torrent directory, tracker and forum.
  • Bittorrent Top Sites - Directory of Bittorrent sites.
  • Torrent Portal - Searchable torrents dump. Indexes thousands of trackers from bittorrent around the internet.
  • The Beehive - Database of active trackers and discussion forum.
  • Boxtorrents - Searchable tracker of anime torrents. Rules, FAQ and file sharing forum.
  • TuxDistro - A list of Linux torrents and VMWare Linux torrent directories and torrent directories and trackers trackers Virtual Machines.
  • Torrent Typhoon - Search all the major Bittorrent sites at once and pool file sharing their results onto one page.
  • Legal Torrents - Source for legal Bittorrent files.
  • Torrent Resource - Offers a ranked list of links to trackers.
  • Mininova - Large searchable torrents directory.
  • Bwtorrents - Forum with searchable torrent listings.
  • - Advanced bittorrent indexing site which features powerful torrent bittorrent search filters.
  • The Pirate Bay - A large bittorrent tracker for music, movies and file sharing software.
  • Isohunt - Indexes torrent trackers and provides cross-referenced multi-tracker data. file sharing Includes a support forum and a link to file sharing their IRC channel.

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