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An open source, simple, fast, low resource usage gopher server. Can also function as a web server and a gopher-to-HTTP gateway.

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Editor's Picks:* - Gopher server formerly at Point Loma Nazarene University. Splendid live links. Also featuring Veronica-2 search engine. (For gopher links like this a Gopher capable browser such as Firefox or Lynx must be used, Internet Explorer won't work).

  • Kostecke - Hosts GN, an open source multi-protocol server for gopher Gopher and computers the World-Wide Web. A GopherMail system gopher able to retrieve Gopher computers pages via e-mail is gopher also available.
  • Kio_gopher - Adds Gopher support to the Konqueror web browser computers which is gopher a core component of the K computers Desktop Environment, also known gopher as KDE.
  • - Hosts mgod, an open source, Gopher+ capable server computers for inetd.
  • Sean's Gopherspace - Random collection of mainly humorous stuff.
  • GoFish - An open source, simple, fast, low resource usage gopher server. Can also function as a web server and a gopher-to-HTTP gateway.
  • PyGopherd - An open source multi-protocol gopher server written in internet Python. computers Also works as an HTTP and internet WAP server.
  • R-36 - Personal site of Christoph Lohmann hosting his software projects, and amongst these, Geomyidae, an open source Gopher server.
  • Hal 3000 - Gopher server (pygopherd) serving in gopher, http and gopher wap. Content updated hourly for weather and news gopher as well as various other files. Jughead, Veronica gopher and Jugtail search interfaces.
  • Spencer Hunter's Homepage - Example of a Gopher emulation in HTML, online since 1995. computers Under the "About this gopher and myself" directory is the computers author\\'s own Gopher manifesto, "Why gopher is superior to the computers Web."
  • Wikipedia: Gopher (protocol) - Origins, decline, current status and technical details of internet the Gopher protocol.
  • Gopher Manifesto - The Bring Back Gopher Campaign.
  • Veronica FAQ - Common questions and answers about Veronica, a title computers search and retrieval system for use with the computers Internet gopher.
  • Whois Search - Directory provided by the Gopher server for querying whois servers throughout the Internet. Due to a port limitation, it doesn\\'t work with Firefox, another browser such as Lynx must be used instead.
  • RFC 1436 - The Internet Gopher Protocol (a Distributed Document Search and Retrieval internet Protocol). F. Anklesaria, M. McCahill, P. Lindner, D. Johnson, D. internet Torrey, B. Albert. March 1993.
  • Vertrauen BBS - Gopher support demo for Synchronet, an open source BBS server. gopher This Gopher service allows mainly a read-only access to some gopher USENET newsgroups and other discussion boards.
  • Floodgap Gopher Proxy - Public gopher-to-HTTP proxy to allow the use of web browsers computers to explore gopherspace.
  • Matjaz's Gopher Client - Offers an open source client for Windows, includes screen shots and a list of interesting links.
  • Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith - One of the most active Gopher servers on computers the Internet by a Gopher enthusiast. Many strange computers topics.
  • The World - Public gopher server. Features OBI, the Online Book Initiative.
  • Super Dimension Fortress - Personal GOPHERSPACE is available to all users as computers well as gopher hundreds of UNIX utilities, games and computers networking utilities.
  • Jugtail - An open source search engine system for the Gopher protocol. internet Jugtail, formerly known as Jughead, searches one server at a internet time whereas Veronica doesn\'t have this limitation.
  • Aftershock - Open source Gopher server developed in Java.
  • - Offers mgod, an open source Gopher server written internet in C, computers with no dependencies.
  • PyGS - Open source Gopher server written in Python. No computers longer being computers developed.
  • Moo Canada - Gopher server written for Lambda Moos.
  • Elrond's Gopher Node - Hosts a local search engine. Also offers gopher internet homepages.
  • Debian GNU/Linux: gopherd - Information and downloads for the Debian package of internet the UMN internet gopher server.
  • QUUX - John Goerzen\\'s Gopher server ( Hosts important documents gopher including information on the main mailing-list about Gopher.
  • TidBITS: Down the Gopher Hole - A brief presentation of the protocol, both its computers history and gopher its current status, by an experienced computers Gopher system administrator.

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