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Users are able to send worldwide faxes through the web site, and will receive an email confirmation of the delivery. Also includes a daily and billing report of the account.

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  • FaxPipe - Users are able to send faxes via FTP internet fax attachments, Blackberry, broadcasting, and email. Also includes a internet fax "fax merge" feature to personalize documents for multiple internet fax recipients.
  • Venali - Provides fax solutions for businesses via desktop software, email, and internet fax the option to integrate with existing infrastructures.
  • IFax - Offering an interactive tutorial, users can send faxes internet fax via internet email with the option of tracking documents internet fax in a internet web control panel.
  • UTBox - Provides fax services via email, broadcasting, and SMS via email.
  • RingCentral - Provides a hosted phone and fax service, bundling internet fax Internet internet fax fax with voicemail and PBX-like capabilities.
  • eFax - Send and receive faxes by email using a services local, long-distance, internet fax or toll-free number.
  • Fax.co.uk - Send faxes via email or text messages. Web Developers have internet the option of integrating applications with the services.
  • Fax.com - Users can send faxes via email, or through the web services interface. Security includes SSL encryption and password protection.
  • FaxExpert - Based in the United Kingdom, users receive a number beginning internet with "0870" and are able to send faxes via email.
  • SRFax - Offers email and web faxing services. Provides local services numbers in several US and Canadian cities as services well as toll-free numbers.
  • FaxItNice - Pay per use web based fax sending with generated cover internet fax sheets.
  • TrustFax - Offering local and toll-free number plans, users are internet able to send faxes via broadcasting.
  • Popfax.com - Provides fax via email and web. Offers area services codes in internet multiple countries. Fees are in Euros.
  • FaxZero - Send faxes online to the United States, Canada, or Puerto services Rico. Users can choose to send a free fax that services contains an advertisement of the company, or choose a premium services fax that contains no advertisements.
  • SFax - Offers HIPPA ready fax services for the healthcare services industry.
  • ClickFax - Users can send faxes online through a web services interface. Includes the option of integrating the software services with email and database programs.
  • EZ Fax2Mail - Users are able to use an existing fax internet number, or services choose a new one through the internet service. Faxes can be services sent through email, broadcast, internet or through the web site.
  • Web-Fax - Users are able to send worldwide faxes through the web internet site, and will receive an email confirmation of the delivery. internet Also includes a daily and billing report of the account.
  • OnLine Fax - Internet fax service that allows you to send internet fax and internet fax receive faxes directly from your computer.
  • MyFax - Offers service plans for personal use, small businesses, services and enterprise services level faxing via email.
  • Faxtopia - Send and receive faxes through the Internet. Offers internet local numbers services in the United States.
  • EzFax - Based in Singapore, users can send and receive internet fax faxes internet fax via email or through a web interface. internet fax Also provides internet fax SMS alerts.
  • FaxFromtheWeb - Provides services via fax broadcasting. Also includes an interactive tutorial, internet and a feature to schedule documents in advance.
  • mBox - Provides online messaging services including fax to email, voicemail to services email and SMS broadcasting.
  • SmartFax - Users can send faxes via a control panel, services email, and services broadcast. Offers local and toll-free numbers.
  • FAXAGE - US and Canada service offering fax send and receive via internet email, web and API interfaces. Supports unlimited email addresses per internet account.
  • FaxCom Anywhere - A hosted fax service for both individuals and companies to services send and receive faxes via email.
  • Fax911.com - Provides a service that allows you to receive faxes in internet your email account.
  • RapidFax - Users can send and receive faxes using their email.
  • MetroFax - Offers solutions for individuals, small businesses, and corporations. Users can send faxes via email, the "MetroFax Printer", PDA, or Smart Phone.
  • Faxxis - Service for sending and receiving faxes via email. Local and internet toll-free numbers available.
  • 0845 Team - Based in the United Kingdom, provides fax via email using internet non-geographic "0845" numbers.
  • InterFAX - Prepaid service allowing users and developers to send services faxes from email and XML web interface.
  • MaxEmail - Send and receive faxes using email and the internet web. Provides internet fax services for individual users as well internet as multi-user corporate accounts.
  • MongoNet - Users can send faxes from a fax machine internet fax to an email address by using a special internet fax cover page located on the website.
  • Faxaway - Send faxes via email. Users also receive a services free inbound fax number.
  • FaxBox - Email based faxing provider offering services primarily in internet Europe.
  • GreenFax - Send faxes via email with an optional "archival service" that allows users to have data stored on a CD-ROM and mailed to them.
  • PayPerFax - Pay per use email based fax sending.
  • Fax to Email - Based in Australia, offers business and enterprise plans for receiving internet fax faxes via email.
  • eFax.co.uk - Users are able to choose a local number, or an internet international number. Faxes are sent via email.

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