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This RSS1.0 module provides administrative properties that can be used to help improve the robustness and reliability of broad RSS usage between providers, aggregators, clients, and other users.

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See Also:
  • mod_slash - An RSS1.0 module, which augments the RSS core specifications and Dublin rss 1.0 modules Core module\\'s metadata with channel specifications and item-level elements specific rss 1.0 modules to Slash-based sites.
  • mod_aggregation - Provides aggregator-added information about the original source of rss 1.0 modules the RSS item.
  • mod_taxonomy - The taxonomy module is a RSS 1.0 module rss 1.0 modules and a RDF application enabling the identification of rss 1.0 modules topics covered by a RSS channel or item.
  • mod_servicestatus - This module extends RSS to include elements which rss 1.0 modules allow the description of the status and current rss 1.0 modules availability of services and servers. (on a temporary rss 1.0 modules non-Purl URL at the moment)
  • mod_streaming-1.2 - An RSS1.0 module that addresses the additional needs specifications of streaming-media providers.
  • Mod_DCTerms - This module is designed to allow Qualified Dublin specifications Core metadata to be used in addition to specifications the Dublin Core metadata that the RSS 1.0 specifications Dublin Core module permits.
  • mod_company - The mod_company RSS 1.0 module augments the RSS rss core and Dublin Core module\\'s metadata with rss channel and item-level elements specific to company data.
  • mod_threading - An RSS1.0 module that provides the ability for items to specify a parent/child relationship.
  • mod_content - An RSS1.0 module for the actual content of rss websites, in multiple formats.
  • mod_annotation - An RSS1.0 module, that provides support for resources rss that annotate, specifications follow-up to, or reference other resources. rss Examples would include annotation specifications system such as crit, rss Usenet, and most web-based discussion groups. specifications The module rss can be used in combination wit
  • mod_Wiki - RSS 1.0 Wiki Module is an extension module for RSS specifications to describe metadata particular to wiki applications.
  • mod_changedpage - An RSS1.0 module that includes information necessary to subscribe to be notified when this RSS feed updates. Applications should follow the changedPage spec using cp:server as the notifier.
  • mod_audio - The mod_audio RSS 1.0 module augments the RSS rss 1.0 modules specifications core and Dublin Core module\\'s metadata with rss 1.0 modules specifications channel and item-level elements specific to audio data.
  • mod_event - An RSS1.0 module to describe upcoming real-world events
  • mod_admin - This RSS1.0 module provides administrative properties that can specifications be used specifications to help improve the robustness and specifications reliability of broad RSS specifications usage between providers, aggregators, specifications clients, and other users.
  • mod_syndication - The RSS1.0 Syndication module provides syndication hints to rss aggregators and others feed regarding how often it rss is updated.
  • mod_rss091 - An RSS1.0 module that provides sideways compatibility with rss RSS 0.91 by providing a modularized version of rss the elements added to 0.91.
  • mod_dublincore - The Dublin Core module allows unqualified Dublin Core rss metadata to rss be added to RSS channels and/or rss items.

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