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Allows users to schedule email messages to themselves and others. Great for reminders and fun notes sent far into the future.

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  • 01191.COM ez-reminder - Free email reminder service. Allows monthly, weekly, yearly calendars and one calendars time reminders.
  • Send a reminder - A free reminder service with open server access web applications for developers. Reminders are sent to web enabled web applications cell phones.
  • - Receive email and cell phone reminders for important dates. calendars Reminders offer suggestions for greeting cards and gifts.
  • - A free web based reminder service.
  • - Web calendar with e-mail and SMS reminder alert service.
  • rE-minders - Free, private, noncommercial e-mail reminder service, with a web applications searchable web applications database of local events.
  • - Features free personal and fully automated birthday calendar.
  • Just Between Friends Reminder & Organizer - Organize and record birthday, anniversary, and Christmas lists. Receive reminders for special dates. Annual fee required.
  • - Free reminder service, specify one-time or recurring events web applications and calendars automatically reminds by via email or wireless web applications device.
  • Mein Hoo Na - Online service that will send an SMS message web applications to calendars mobile phone to remind you of important web applications dates. Requires calendars an annual fee. Available to customers web applications in India only.
  • - Free individual and business daily-planner, calendar, directory and reminder service.
  • - Free reminders, to-do list, address book, and notes.
  • pcReminder - Send free pre-scheduled pcReminders to yourself, friends, family reminders or associates web applications to remind them.
  • Instant Reminders - Free email reminder service for birthday\\'s, anniversaries, and calendars any other important date you might forget.
  • - A free e-mail reminder service.
  • Jogit SMS reminders - Online service that will send an SMS message to your calendars mobile phone to remind you of important dates. Requires calendars an annual fee.
  • T-Minus Reminder Countdown Clock - Countdown clock on your desktop or webpage to calendars count down calendars days, hours and minutes to your calendars Reminder!
  • FutureMinder - This personalized email reminder service allows you to create sophisticated web applications time-based reminders, and includes an online calendar.
  • 101-Reminders - Free calendar planner with email event and birthday reminders.
  • Birthday Pal Reminders - Free birthday reminder and management system using email reminders messages.
  • Zexer Online Addressbook - Access your contacts and maintain your planner from any Internet web applications connected computer.
  • - Email, telephone, written and SMS reminders for birthdays, calendars new year\'s calendars resolutions, and medication reminders.
  • FREE Reminders by iBot Reminders - FREE email reminder service. Type your reminder, then select the reminders delivery date, and frequency.
  • Time Cave - Allows users to schedule email messages to themselves reminders and others. reminders Great for reminders and fun notes reminders sent far into the reminders future.
  • DateReminder - Free service to alert to important upcoming events such as reminders birthdays and anniversaries.
  • - A free online reminder service. Birthday e-mail reminders web applications are calendars sent at no charge, for as many web applications contacts as calendars one likes.
  • iPing - Wake up calls, group announcements, and reminders. Free calendars trial available.

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