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Allows you to record your valuables online in a secure and private environment. Ideal for your insurance and estate planning needs.

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  • allmythings - Allows you to record your valuables online in databases a secure on the web and private environment. Ideal for databases your insurance and estate on the web planning needs.
  • - Securely synchronize your company‚Äôs data for access through WAP, HTML and XML automatically.
  • Baseportal - Web-based database platform to support the creation of databases webpages. The design is customizable with templates.
  • Intuit Quickbase - Web-based service that enables teams to easily design web applications and web applications use databases to gather, share and manage web applications critical business web applications information.
  • Dabble DB - Create online databases and analyse them with visualisation web applications tools. databases Includes demo, reviews, and pricing details.
  • 1010data - Web-based service for analyzing, managing, sharing, publishing, and web applications distributing databases data.
  • Konduit Inc. - Custom-built, secure web-based database service featuring column and on the web rowlevel access control, audit history, linked tables, notifications, on the web auto-responders, import and export, and rapid deployment. on the web Online demo, features, and services.
  • Trilute - A web-based database application used by music departments web applications and web applications organizations to store, track and view information web applications on their web applications music libraries.
  • Application Server Online - Create custom web databases for free. Including import/export options, user on the web specific access rights, and secure connections.
  • Caspio Inc. - On-demand service for creating feature-rich web forms and on the web applications fast and without programming and deploy them on the web instantly on any web site.
  • eCriteria - A web-hosted database service for small business and web applications corporate on the web workgroups.
  • Lightspoke - Web based database service that lets teams create on the web and share customized business applications online. Includes on the web ready-made solutions: Sales/CRM, IT Management, Bug Tracking and on the web Project Management applications.
  • Younicycle - Younicycle allows you to draw, design, create forms, web applications add text, add images directly from your desktop, web applications add data and tables, personalize, print to pdf web applications or save for view without using a desktop web applications application. Multiple, simultaneous users are allowed, enabling
  • Qedata - Web based application building tool. Allows online databases databases to web applications be created quickly and easily, entirely databases through your browser.
  • TeamDesk - Web-based service that enables teams to easily design web based on the web database applications or use predefined solutions to gather, share and on the web manage business information.

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