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Content organized by personality, not subject matter. Includes columns, reviewed links, newsletters, communities and the ability to post your own comments.

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  • Bored - Full of links to keep everyone from falling asleep at weblogs their desks.
  • I Hate This - Devoted to everyone who wants to express their opinion on on the web almost any topic available. Personal insults are prohibited.
  • Realm of the Lone Knight - Thoughts from the Chicago alternative scene including amateur poets, sofa collaborative philosophers, college students, and ragamuffins.
  • New Links - Sharing new finds.
  • The Usual Suspects - A discussion forum for grumpy people.
  • PDC Bloggers - The developer community's collective voice.
  • MonkeyFilter - Community postings that aim to find interesting, bizarre collaborative or just plain random links on the web, collaborative show off, and discuss them.
  • American Madness - Criticism in the service of a better nation. on the web Providing commentary and criticism on the media, politics, on the web technology, and other issues of interest.
  • Alien Jesus Collective - Political and social commentary.
  • Husi - Open diarizing site where people talk about pretty much anything that pops into their head.
  • RRBBS - Personal happenings and commentary on news stories.
  • 12 Blogs - Collects and presents headlines from twelve well-known weblogs.
  • The Real World - Blogger Style - What happens when a group of people from weblogs different backgrounds collaborative decide to get together and share weblogs a weblog?
  • LA.COMfidential - Stripping the halo off the City of Angels. weblogs Writing about celebrities, nightlife, fashion, food, pop culture, weblogs and trends in Los Angeles.
  • - Professional collective of inspired young minds building a collaborative stable community based website to help and develop collaborative others knowledge and offer light entertainment.
  • Disturbing Search Requests - Dedicated to misleading search requests which lead visitors collaborative to the collaborative collaborators' websites.
  • - Blogging about general geekiness and bloggability.
  • Weirdsmobile - Comics, quirky little weblogs, and other entertainments, delivered weblogs with self-effacing collaborative humor.
  • Nan Magazine - Amusing bits of information.
  • Idiosyncrasy - A collective of writers who are politically, philosophically, poetically, socially, on the web and otherwise creatively minded.
  • Floatzilla - Users submit links, and if the community finds on the web them interesting or relevant, the links bubble up on the web to the front page.
  • 10 Zen Monkeys - Collaborative web magazine with original articles about cyber-culture, collaborative politics, sex, weblogs popular culture, weird news, and interviews.
  • Online Epiphany - Community of webloggers who take roadtrips across North weblogs America and collaborative write about it. (Requires Internet Explorer)
  • New World Odour - Feeble complaints about everything major and minor.
  • Umair Haque's Bubblegeneration - Three authors write about business strategy, economics, innovation, and business models.
  • Project Brainstorm - Original British comedy writing in a satirical and sometimes surreal style, with sketches, articles and news stories.
  • - Dedicated to only good news on the international weblogs level. Examines on the web culture and technology.
  • a boy and his computer - Current events and entertainment comment. With authors' minibios.
  • - An alternative to idiot-crowded web communities and spam-filled newsgroups.
  • - A collection of essays focused mainly on philosophy and art, on the web but including business, politics and popular culture.
  • Threadbared - Combining their fondness for vintage sewing patterns with their need weblogs to be bitchy and mean and cruel.
  • JointEffects - Collaborative effort to provide some insight on what\\'s weblogs going on collaborative in the minds of true California weblogs liberals who practice meditation collaborative and care about what weblogs others are feeling and thinking at collaborative this time weblogs in this world.
  • PSFK - Trends in all kinds of areas.
  • Word of the Worlds - People across three countries share their interests in on the web on the web books, music, movies, news clips, humor, health, travel, on the web on the web beaches, cars, social service, and sports.
  • Dotcult - Community where everyone can speak their mind without being subject to the restrictions of mass media and politics.
  • WFMU's Beware of the Blog - Radio station employees post mainly about current happenings on the web and entertainment.
  • Radio Free Blogistan - About blogs, personal publishing, microcontent and micropublishing, online communities and syndication.
  • Backwash - Content organized by personality, not subject matter. collaborative Includes columns, weblogs reviewed links, newsletters, communities and the collaborative ability to post your weblogs own comments.
  • The Hatemonger's Quarterly - Writing about all the varied things they hate.
  • Babblog - Featuring amateur writers musing on food, sports, movies, weblogs music, television, collaborative and other aspects of life.
  • Spitting Image - About any visual representation of something that can collaborative be copied and the technologies that make that collaborative happen.
  • Something Like Tripe - Aaron, Brandon, and Kira's writing.
  • Monday Missionaries - Group of bloggers answering a weekly set of questions from PromoGuy.
  • Linkfilter - Users compete by contributing, moderating and discussing links on the web collaborative filtered by several criteria.
  • The Community At Large - Irish collaborative weblog focusing on culture, media, the internet, and collaborative the world.
  • Killoggs - A web community made up of displaced and weblogs disaffected Southern artists, animators, writers and wage slaves. weblogs Plenty of art, opinions and cynicism.
  • Rutless - Each day, six cast members assign random tasks on the web on the web to each other in order to stay away on the web on the web from repetitive daily routines.
  • VoIP Blog - It has become nearly impossible to out-dumb the collaborative existing in new media, multimedia, monomedia, but this collaborative collaborative weblog gives it a try.
  • Revenews Blogging Community - Collaborative weblog by industry experts on online media, affiliate marketing, weblogs and e-commerce.
  • The Corner - National Review Online's multi-author conservative weblog.
  • Wacky Neighbor :: Blogjammin' - Topics range from etymology to robots. Open membership.
  • Blogit - Pay site to support the bloggers who participate in the on the web group.

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