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ProPhoto is a WordPress theme designed by and for professional photographers. Site contains information about installation and usage, as well as purchasing links.

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ThemeShaper* - Experimental WordPress themes. Featuring design advice, tips and tutorials.
PlainTxt.org* - Designs free, downloadable WordPress templates that offer a unique, minimalist approach to blogging. Themes are WordPress 2.0+ compatible.

  • WPZone.net - Offers free WordPress themes licensed under the Creative templates Commons Attribution weblogs 2.5 License. Most of the themes templates are two-column with black weblogs and white color schemes.
  • Free Wordpress templates, plugins - Free downloadable WordPress templates and plugins. Includes installation wordpress instructions.
  • WordpressSupplies - A site with free Wordpress themes and plugins weblogs categorized by templates topic and style. Includes a theme weblogs viewer to preview themes templates on a live WordPress weblogs installation.
  • It Could Be This One - Free WordPress themes designed by French web designer Ghyslain Armand.
  • PowerTheme - A premium WordPress theme site featuring free and weblogs paid themes for WordPress blogs. Has news, magazine, weblogs and blog style themes available.
  • wpMix - Collection of unique WordPress themes not available elsewhere. weblogs Valid XHTML/CSS and widget ready. Themes are free weblogs for download but contain sponsor links in the weblogs footer.
  • Starscape - Is a website that offers a highly customizable theme that weblogs has many settings available free via downloads.
  • BGThemes - Collection of submitted WordPress themes. Allows theme authors templates to submit templates their own themes. Also allows viewing templates of theme statistics.
  • Wordpress Theme Browser - Collection of WordPress 1.5 themes released under GPL compatible licenses as part of the Alex King\'s theme competition.
  • Free WordPress Themes - A site featuring a large collection of just templates free WordPress templates themes.
  • Free Wordpress Themes - A website that offers free downloadable WordPress templates.
  • Free Templates - A website with a consortium of various styles wordpress of WordPress wordpress templates that can be downloaded for wordpress free.
  • ThemesBuzz - Collection of WordPress themes that are free premium wordpress themes to wordpress download.
  • Blog Templates and Web Development - Is a website to find & download free wordpress Wordpress Templates templates as well as Blogger Templates.
  • Premium WordPress - A site that showcases free and premium WordPress themes. Also wordpress resources from premium sites of WordPress.
  • Wordpress Theme Design and Consulting - Custom WordPress themes and general blog consulting. Includes tips for wordpress theme design.
  • Best Wordpress Themes - Concise listing of top WordPress themes from around weblogs the web.
  • WordPress Themes Market - Premium WordPress themes available for purchase. Installation support weblogs included with templates themes.
  • Ericulous - Wordpress themes, plugins, tips and tricks
  • Tequilo - Free Wordpress templates from a German designer.
  • GFXedit.com - WordPress themes for free download. Themes use CSS wordpress and are weblogs XHTML compliant.
  • Omni WordPress Theme - A site showcasing a premium highly-customizable WordPress theme.
  • Top WP Themes - Download quality and professionally designed WordPress templates for wordpress free. Also templates allows user ratings of themes.
  • WpSnap - A great site picking out some of the weblogs best free templates WordPress themes available for download.
  • ProPhoto - ProPhoto is a WordPress theme designed by and for professional wordpress photographers. Site contains information about installation and usage, as wordpress well as purchasing links.
  • NattyWP - Themes archive with free WordPress themes. Users can Browse themes weblogs by category or by properties.
  • Wordpress Plugins and Themes - Wordpress Plugins and Themes available for free download.
  • wpSkins - A large selection of free to use WordPress templates themes for both personal or commercial usage.
  • Web2Feel - Extensive number of WordPress themes for free download. templates Frequently updated weblogs with new themes. Theme designers can templates submit their themes for weblogs inclusion.
  • Brian Gardner: WordPress Themes - Provides a list of premium themes customized for the platform.
  • Themes Junction >> Free wordpress templates - A website with many free wordpress templates.
  • Jetpacked Wordpress Dev - Download page for unique Wordpress Themes periodically released. Themes are weblogs Wordpress 2.0, CSS, and xHTML compatible.
  • Cureless - The online journal (weblog) of a Filipina named weblogs Yoru. Includes weblogs her free WordPress themes.
  • Wp Themes - A simple compilation of various styled , free WordPress templates wordpress available for download.
  • Solostream - A site with mostly premium, but some free wordpress WordPress themes.
  • Faces of Yve - Provides free WordPress themes and in-depth web design weblogs tutorials.
  • Huhu Design - Wordpress weblog theme Sandpoints 1.0 available for download.
  • FreshPress Themes - A site focused on providing fresh looking WordPress themes with wordpress an emphasis on CSS and XHTML structure.
  • WP-Themes - Site with multiple high-quality templates that are free and available weblogs for download.
  • Wordpress Themes - A collection of free downloadable themes. Site is updated daily.
  • WordPress Themes - A template blog that offers free WordPress templates weblogs for download.
  • Turkish Wordpress Themes - A site that has taken templates and fully templates translated them into the Turkish language and is templates available via download for free.
  • Wordpress Theme Site - A website where people can share their WordPress wordpress themes. Free wordpress uploads and downloads (uploads require registration). wordpress Over 1600 themes.
  • Themes Pack - A collection of free WordPress Themes from various weblogs styles.
  • Wordpress Theme Designer - Website with many magazine styled WordPress themes that wordpress are monetized for good Banner Ad Integration.
  • New Dirt WordPress Themes - Free WordPress themes released under a GPL license weblogs and custom WordPress theme design.
  • XHTML Valid - Free XHTML Valid WordPress Themes, Articles, and Coding Services.
  • Flickr: WordPress - Show off your template in this image gallery and forum for WordPress users on the Flickr site.
  • Kickass Web Design - WordPress themes for download. Individual theme author. Custom templates work available wordpress for a fee.
  • Foxinni Wordpress Designer - Themes and info for everyday WordPress use. Includes a unique weblogs FaceBook theme and the latest information on WordPress, from a weblogs blogger's perspective.
  • WP-Premiums - Is a showcase gallery showing off multiple websites weblogs that use WordPress. Also accepting submissions.
  • Theme Lab - Download Free WordPress themes that are CSS and weblogs XHTML compliant.
  • WordPress Themes Park - Collection of WordPress themes organized with tags. Search and rate feature available and theme previews as well.
  • BloggingPro Themes Coverage - Blogging news covering WordPress themes, with frequent updates.
  • WordPress Themes by Sadish - Customizable WordPress themes, some for sale and some available for templates free download.
  • My Blog It - Learn how to make WordPress themes. Also offers wordpress free themes for download.
  • Blogalized - Stylish WordPress themes available for purchase individually or via a subscription. The available themes feature user friendly interfaces.
  • Amazing Wordpress Themes - Free WordPress theme compilation that is searchable by: weblogs design features, or user rating. Thumbnail previews and weblogs live theme demos available.
  • eBlog Templates - Download free WordPress themes and free Blogger templates. Also includes tips and advice on template design.
  • DinoThemes - Download free WordPress themes. Also allows submissions of wordpress new WordPress templates themes.
  • Wordpress Themed - A site featuring the latest 3 column WordPress themes.
  • Edynas WordPress Templates - Blogging news about free WordPress templates. Also covers templates template code, templates advice, and examples for blogging.
  • Using Themes - The official WordPress codex help page for using templates themes.
  • Wordpress Theme Viewer - Collection of WordPress themes with a graphical and textual preview weblogs available for each theme. Sorting and search feature as well.
  • THA Slayer: Wordpress Themes - A small collection of free themes produced by a freelance web designer.
  • Simple WordPress Themes - WordPress theme site featuring third party themes. Each wordpress theme posted weblogs has a thumbnail preview, download link, wordpress and demo where available.
  • Market Theme - Premium Wordpress theme that allows you to easily templates run your wordpress e-commerce site with Wordpress as the templates backend.
  • K5 Media Services - Custom web design for bloggers and small businesses: weblogs WordPress themes, plugins, and logos. Some freebies available.

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