URL Encoded Free Hosted Proxy Services Proxying and Filtering

Free proxies which encode URLs to hinder snooping on what pages are being accessed.

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  • IPExtra Anonymous Proxy - Web proxy at IPExtra.com, an internet tools website.
  • The Evader - A free php proxy that allows you to free surf anonymously free with limited advertising.
  • NetEvader - PHProxy with image stripping, title removal and cookie control.
  • Gizlen.org - Web based proxy supporting youtube.com.
  • SmartHide - Web based proxy supporting customized user agents and other advanced hosted proxy services options.
  • ProxyBoxOnline - Web based proxy that supports youtube.
  • Covered Tracks - Anonymous web proxy with ability to control cookies, JavaScript from free other sites, Java applets, SSL, URL encryption, and online bookmarks. free Requires JavaScript.
  • Unipeak - Anonymous web proxy service with advanced privacy features.
  • Hujiko - Anonymous http proxy. Includes cookie filtering, and script blocking. Requires cookies.

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