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  • IX.PR Internet Exchange of Puerto Rico - The Puerto Rico Internet Exchange is a virtual north america meeting point where Internet-enabled companies in the Puerto north america Rico can exchange traffic between their networks.
  • NAP of the Americas - Network Access Point in Miami, Florida
  • Equinix, Inc - Offers network-neutral data center and interconnection services, including internet exchanges colocation and traffic exchange.
  • Los Angeles International Internet eXchange - LAIIX - A neutral exchange points on the US West coast and north america is operated by Telehouse.
  • SIX - Seattle Internet Exchange
  • BMXP Boston's Public Exchange Point - Boston MXP is currently free of charge and north america supports usa two locations within Boston.
  • Pittsburgh Internet eXchange (PitX) - Western Pennsylvania regional network exchange point with several major ISPs participating
  • New York International Internet eXchange - NYIIX - Internet eXchange point based in New York
  • Oregon-IX Oregon Internet Exchange - The Oregon Internet Exchange (Oregon-IX) is located on internet exchanges the north america University of Oregon campus.
  • AtlantaIX - The Atlanta Internet Exchange has been established as a open exchange located in Atlanta\\'s 56 Marietta building. There are currently no costs at all involved in connecting to the AtlantaIX.
  • SFMIX - SFMIX (San Francisco Internet Exchange) is the first internet exchanges neutral usa non-profit Internet Exchange point within the City internet exchanges of San usa Francisco.
  • Any2 Internet Exchange - Neutral Internet Exchange and VoIP Exchange - The Any2 exchange gives One Wilshire and Market Post Tower internet exchanges tenants the best possible method of peering packet networks, Internet internet exchanges networks, content delivery networks, and VoIP networks on the west internet exchanges coast.
  • HIX - Hawaii Internet Exchange
  • Palo Alto Internet eXchange - California regional network exchange point with over 100 usa participants
  • SD-NAP - San Diego Network Access Point.
  • Utah REP - Internet Exchange point in Utah
  • STAR TAP - The Science, Technology, And Research Transit Access Poin
  • BIG APE - Big Apple Peering Exchange - BIG APE: an IPv4 Internet Exchange (IX) located internet exchanges at telx 60 Hudson Street New York City.
  • MAGPI - The purpose of MAGPI is to provide Internet and Internet2 internet exchanges connectivity to its member institutions.

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