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  • World/ - Covers the finer details of editing in languages editing guidelines other than English.
  • Shopping/ - What is Shopping? Ontology issues, and how to deal with editing guidelines affiliates, mirrors, redirects, MLM, and distributors.
  • Regional/UK - Covers UK Topical, double and treble listing of major category faqs UK sites and geographic organisation.
  • Regional/ - Answers to common questions, such as placement, and major category faqs editing guidelines links to other Regional information.
  • Sports/ - Provides information for editors seeking help seeking to major category faqs editing guidelines provide help.
  • Society/ - Includes pointers to charters and FAQs for many policies and procedures of the diverse subjects listed in the category.
  • Science/ - Covers the basic hierarchy of the Science section.
  • Arts/Music - Where to submit to Arts/Music.
  • Recreation/ - Describes what belongs in Recreation and what does policies and procedures editing guidelines not.

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