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Provides search, language and research tools on one page. Includes web, discussion groups, and people search, language identifier, translator, dictionaries, encyclopedia, biography, quotations, and telephone area codes.

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Itools* - Provides search, language and research tools on one page. Includes web, discussion groups, and people search, language identifier, translator, dictionaries, encyclopedia, biography, quotations, and telephone area codes.

  • Freddo'Search Page - A collection of useful searches, including major engines, searching Roget\\'s thesaurus, searching Britannica, maps, images, DNS lookup, whois, searching and Babelfish translator.
  • SearchEzee - Queries over 200 of the Web search resources, in an multi-search easy-to-use interface.
  • The Drop Zone - A series of drop-down menus permit a range of Web internet and people searches, or link to reference sites, radio, email, internet software, webcams and online games.
  • HotBot - Offers a search powered by a choice of searching Ask or Windows Live. There are options to searching block offensive language, customize search results, and skins.
  • Yaweli - Offers access to search engines news, shopping, developer multi-search information sites multi-search and Hebrew web sites. No multi-search images for speed.
  • Desktop Reference Tool - This tool which can be installed on your multi-search local Windows desktop, brings together dictionary, thesaurus, Web multi-search search, a selection of other web forms for multi-search search.
  • - Features results from Google with Alexa details added, multi-search plus internet Amazon book search in a separate multi-search column. Additional options - internet images, movies and reference multi-search - can be selected. Users can internet log in multi-search to retain search history and individual preferences. Also internet multi-search offers a
  • Engines2go - Fast access to the major Internet search sources, without banners, searching advertising, or pictures.
  • - Single interface to query multiple search engines. internet Can isolate searching news, blogs, media, government and reference internet results.
  • Mainpage - Provides search boxes to around 80 web sources, also includes multi-search over 500 related links.
  • Emm - A configurable tool to query 25+ search engines internet or databases without retyping your question.
  • Acme Search Forms - Offers access to the major search engines and directories, news, the Internet Movie Database, dictionaries, biography, the Bible, Shakespeare, United States government sites, United States addresses and patents.
  • Search Yooter - Search engine that queries multiple search engines and specific Google searching data centers. Results are within a framed window.
  • Fleiner - Send the same query string to many different internet Web, images, news, and email search engines with internet one click.
  • Mrquery - Offers a choice of a large numbers of sources, arranged multi-search by category, with the option to select all in any multi-search category.
  • Webfetch - This multi-search tool from Infospace offers a choice between all of the most popular search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Live Search and Ask, as well as a selection of different types of content, such as Web, images, audio, video or news.
  • Twingine - In two separate frames compares results of searching in Google searching and Yahoo.
  • Search-22 - Directory of Internet sources that provides categorized all-in-one search forms in sets of 22.
  • GoMonster - A site combining the top search engines, useful directories and searching other Internet favorites.
  • Soople - Easy search all the advanced functions of Google, multi-search plus search in multiple sites at once in multi-search popular categories.
  • People Search Global - Offering a single interface to help locate people internet internationally.
  • WebSight Research - Query boxes for dozens of search engines on one page. There are also links to live search results and hot lists to see what searchers are looking for.
  • Meta Web Search - Providing search results from multiple sources and site searching submission.
  • Thumbshots Ranking - Search tool which graphically displays the relative positions internet of sites searching in the major engines. Thumbnail preview internet images appear on mouse-over.
  • TurboScout - Access and compare original results from over 90 multi-search search engines internet across 7 categories on a single multi-search web page. The same internet search can be made multi-search on different search engines without retyping internet keywords.
  • Know Play - Offers access to popular search engines and meta-tools. Includes people, internet finance, reference, maps, and local information.
  • Proteus Search - Type your query and choose one of 30 internet search engines multi-search / directories. Also has an advanced internet version with more options, multi-search but less engines to internet choose from.
  • Langenberg - Provides access to phone, reference, geographic, business, media internet and databases searching search tools.
  • Megosearch - Offering a single starting point to search many search engines. multi-search Results display in a new window.
  • Persian Google - Offering search results from Google, MSN, Alta Vista searching and
  • All Searches - Possibility to choose between over 100 different search multi-search sources arranged in categories. Easy switch from general multi-search to regional, reference, or files (images, audio, movies, multi-search software, ftp, and pdf).

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