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Has developed a downloadable context-based web search client using data clustering, visualization and context management, which works together with the major search engines. Includes company profile, demonstration and weblog.

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  • Local Matters - Provider of advanced search and content for media search engines publishers providers and directory assistance service providers.
  • Northern Light - Provides search and content integration solutions for enterprises and individuals, includes services and technology licensing details.
  • Relona - A division of Coroman Systems, Inc., which has searching developed a self-correcting search algorithm and a presentation searching of results that combines searching and browsing. Explains searching the technology and its benefits.
  • aTerra - Builds category specific search engines for web sites. providers Also develops providers autonomous intelligent search agents.
  • Quintura - Has developed a downloadable context-based web search client search engines using providers data clustering, visualization and context management, which search engines works together providers with the major search engines. Includes search engines company profile, demonstration providers and weblog.
  • Convera - Provider of vertical search services for publishers. Company providers profile, news, search engines events and customer case study.
  • CloserLook Search - Builds custom vertical search engines for businesses and portals. Displays sample topical searches and provides news and information on its technology, which includes invisible web search.
  • WorldLight - The company which produces the search engine Entire search engines Web search engines explains its background, products and partners.
  • Vivisimo - Indexed, federated, intranet, and social search search solutions searching for enterprise and government.
  • Fast Search - The Norwegian company that developed the AllTheWeb search engine. Corporate search engines background, products, technology, news and events.
  • Content Analyst - Provides patented software that uses both advanced mathematics and machine learning to provide conceptual search. Company profile, technologies, markets and partners.
  • ApproxiMatch - Enterprise search solutions based on fuzzy string matching searching algorithms. Gives brief biographies of the management, details searching of technology, products and applications, and news.
  • NetBase - Enables specialized enterprise search solutions for corporate clients.
  • Search Solutions, Inc. - Develops search portals based on Google\\'s web index providers and search providers appliance technology.

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