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A monthly updated survey of web server software usage on computers connected to the Internet. Also surveys most popular websites, and top level domains.

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  • ICT statistics - Statistics extracted from the ITU World Telecommunication Indicators Database, concerning statistics and demographics the spread of information and communication technologies in over 200 statistics and demographics economies worldwide
  • StatMetrix - Subscription service that provides monthly research reports and computers newsletters for global web activity, search engine use, computers web browser market share, operating systems, connection speeds, computers and mobile web trends.
  • NEC Study - Predicts competition and diversity on the web.
  • Internet World Stats - Internet usage data for 233 countries and regions, computers consolidated from computers various periodic surveys.
  • Internet Demographics Directory - Directory of Internet demographics, user surveys, backbone/ISP reviews and Internet topology. Entries categorised and ranked.
  • Netcraft Web Server Survey - A monthly updated survey of web server software usage on statistics and demographics computers connected to the Internet. Also surveys most popular statistics and demographics websites, and top level domains.
  • Browser News: Stats - Browser usage statistics from the major sites and some analysis.
  • Nielsen//NetRatings - Information on Website usage, internet access, and advertising data.
  • Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis - CAIDA collects, monitors, analyzes, and visualizes several forms of Internet statistics and demographics traffic data concerning network topology, workload characterization, performance, routing, and statistics and demographics multicast behavior.
  • Internet Use(rs): Demography and Geography of the Internet - Academic paper from 2003 analysing the geography and demography of statistics and demographics the Internet. By Dr Albert Benschop of the University of statistics and demographics Amsterdam.
  • Security Space - Monthly published research reports covering issues like web internet server market computers share, popularity of web sites, and internet web authoring tools.
  • Netvalley - IT history, reports, statistics and ranks.
  • Zooknic Internet Geography Project - Data, maps and analysis on the geographic distribution of Internet statistics and demographics domain names by city, region, state, and country.
  • Major Internet Backbone MAPs - Maps of Internet backbones, sorted by market share.
  • Internet Mapping Project: Map gallery - Contains graphical representations of the Internet. Looks like star maps, but with websites grouped by ISP.
  • WebHosting.Info - Provides statistics and research data about the Web services industry. statistics and demographics Tracks over 35,000 Web hosting companies worldwide.

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