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Offers site design and hosting for authors, illustrators and publishers. List of services, design hints and tips, prices and company profile.

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  • Jeffrey Mayer Enterprises - Website design specializing in non-profits, places of worship, designers community groups, web design and development schools, theaters and small businesses.
  • Clear Design UK - A Bristol, United Kingdom web design company focusing arts and entertainment designers on clients in creative sectors of industry.
  • Digital Monkey - A video and interactive producer combining talents from the film, web, design, education and performing arts sectors. Based in Australia.
  • Hear The Hype - Provides design, graphics, and hosting assistance services for web design and web design and development development people in the entertainment industry.
  • Actually Actors - Design and online management services for actors and actresses. Based in the London, UK.
  • etherweave - An Internet marketing, design and consulting practice, focusing arts and entertainment arts and entertainment on the arts, non-profits and educators. Based in arts and entertainment arts and entertainment Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Waxcreative Design - Custom websites for writers, artists, and musicians.
  • EntsWeb - Offers design and promotion for entertainment, music and designers leisure related web design and development business. Portfolio and directory of industry designers sites.
  • Image and Music - Services include design, graphic design, hosting assistance, and promotion, plus multimedia production. Specializes in sites for music and visual arts. West Sussex, United Kingdom.
  • webKazoo - Custom-designed web sites for people involved in the creative arts, web design and development and for non-profit organizations. Also offer site maintenance and content web design and development management.
  • Buzzword Media - Complete service for web site design, development, publishing, designers and hosting as well as photography, Flash, animated designers graphics, and video. Specializing in sites for performers designers and artists.
  • Melissa Fouch Design - Showcases the designs of a web designer for web design and designers development artists, musicians and bands.
  • Art Websites - Website hosting and design for artists and everyone designers else.
  • Word Pool - Offers site design and hosting for authors, illustrators and publishers. arts and entertainment List of services, design hints and tips, prices and company arts and entertainment profile.
  • Jilaen Sherwood's Dreamland Design - British artist and designer specializing in Websites and CD sleeves arts and entertainment for music and art.
  • Hijinx Design - Manufactures creative solutions for the entertainment industry. Specializes in web design and development "visual propaganda without guilt."
  • ElectricalSoil - Specializes in creative, affordable user-friendly web sites for musicians, bands, designers actors, dancers, artists, performers, independent businesses and non-profits.
  • - Design services for musicians and the film industry.
  • McManus Dev - Specializes in the design and development of actor designers and theater web design and development websites.
  • Galax-e of Stars - Offers design, hosting and content maintenance service for arts and entertainment people and organizations involved in the arts.
  • - Design company that caters to performing artists and designers artistic individuals.
  • - Offers design and hosting for the entertainment industry.
  • Turnpiece Web Design - Web design company specializing in websites for artists, arts and entertainment designers photographers, galleries, production companies and the creative industries.
  • - Offers web design service geared towards the entertainment designers industry.
  • Pipedream Design & Communications, Ltd. - Design firm that specializes in sites for Arts, arts and entertainment arts and entertainment Entertainment and Culture.
  • Design & Lyrics - Affordable web design and lyric help service especially designers for artists, web design and development songwriters and musicians.
  • Snape Design - Creates websites focusing on rich media. Based in San designers Francisco.
  • Debby Porter Design - Design services for the entertainment industry.
  • Web Design by Lisa Ramaglia - Specializes in author web pages.

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