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Computers/Internet/Commercial_Services/Web_Hosting/Free/Business is limited to hosts which particularly cater to the needs and interests of firms or individuals offering goods or services for sale on either a business_to_business or business_to_consumer basis, and to sites which support these activities. Typically, hosts supporting the needs of business sites will provide, at a minimum, support for FTP, some form of CGI scripting, and subdomain URLs.

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See Also:
  • #1 Colony - 20 MB, banners, FTP, web-based email, URL: ''.
  • - 999+ Mb. Browser or FTP uploads. free Free web-based business e-mail with 6 Mb storage. free Free use of scripts business to provide chat-rooms, formum, free and 'communities'.
  • KASKI-NET - For carefully chosen individuals, organizations and companies. 100 MB quota, free no bandwidth restrictions and no forced banner ads. FTP (TLS/SSL) free uploads. POP and IMAP over SSL and Webmail. PHP and free MySQL. Virtual host possibility. URL: 'http://users.kaski-ne
  • - Web-based builder provided. URL: ''.
  • HostRocket - 25Mb with 2Gb bandwidth. No forced banner or business pop-up ads. Subdomain hosting.
  • - 10Mb with unlimited bandwidth on a 500Mb/s backbone. hosting 150kb filesize limit. Banner ad on each page; hosting user ads are permitted. FTP uploads. URL: ''.
  • The Center For Business - Designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Offers 2Mb webspace, free e-mail, market research and discussion forums.
  • - For small businesses. 50Mb space and 1000Mb bandwidth. hosting No forced Pop-up ads. FTP and browser uploads. hosting PHP supported. Subdomain and domain hosting.
  • Shyper Communications - 100Mb with 10GB bandwidth. No forced ads. User ads are permitted. FTP uploads. MySQL supported. CPanel provided. POP3 email and forwarding. Subdomain hosting.
  • Just Web It - 20 Mb. Banner ad on each page; user ads business allowed. FTP or browser uploads. Free e-commerce shopping business cart. URL: ''.
  • Web Hosting Community - 20 MB, ads, FTP. File manager, template editor, SSI, CGI scripts, unlimited email as [email protected] URL: ''.
  • - 12 MB, banners, FTP, credit card processing, shopping hosting cart, merchant hosting account, web site builder, domain hosting.
  • Zy Graphics - 5Mb; On line editor and file-manager; 2-D and business 3-D images. Fee programs are also available for business individuals and businesses.
  • - 25Mb with unlimited hits on a clustered web hosting platform. Banner ad required on each page; user ads are permitted. FTP uploads. Email forwarding. CGI-BIN access, MS FrontPage extensions supported. Domain hosting available. URL: 'http://www.yoursite.
  • - 50Mb with 5Gb bandwidth. No forced banner ads. business Browser uploads. business Perl, SSI, SSL supported. Website statistics business and builder provided. URL: business
  • - 30 Mb with unlimited bandwidth. Banner at top business and bottom of each page; no user ads. business FTP uploads. CGI with ASP, SSI, and business ODBC database support. URL: 'http://www.websamba/yoursite/'.
  • Trap17 - Requires forum posting. 50Mb with 500Mb bandwidth. FTP business and browser hosting uploads. Web-based email. MySQL, PHP, CGI, business Perl, SSI, supported. cPanel hosting provided. Domain and subdomain business hosting.
  • - 800 Mb. No forced ads. FTP uploads. URL: ''.
  • - 25 Mb. Multiple sites per account are permitted. business Banner or popup required on each page; business user ads are permitted. FTP uploads. Free POP3 business e-mail account. CGI access with support for business SSI.
  • - 10 Mb; 24-pixel ad-frame at top of each page. FTP uploads. 1 POP/IMAP email account. Limited CGI support. Domain hosting and paid-hosting plans also available. URL: \'\' OR ''.

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