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Online advertising solutions for both web hosts and advertisers, based on the cost per click model for the UK market.

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  • Google Adwords - PPC program where webmasters can create their own ads and web design and development choose keywords.
  • Clicksor - An advertising network offers content targeted advertising service pay-per-click advertising on CPC/PPC basis.
  • Etarget - Central European company providing PPC targeted online advertising. Operating in Central European markets: the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.
  • Reystar - Offers pay-per-click advertising and a free web promotion web design and promotion development system.
  • Pay Per Click Income - Reviews companies that allow domainers to earn income pay-per-click advertising from their unused domains.
  • ValueClick, Inc. - Provides internet advertising solutions for publishers of web sites and web design and development online advertisers, focusing on cost-per-click.
  • Adviva - Online advertising solutions for both web hosts and promotion advertisers, based on the cost per click model promotion for the UK market.
  • BClick - Banner advertising network where the advertisers pay on pay-per-click advertising a pay-per-click advertising per click basis instead of cost per pay-per-click advertising impressions.
  • Point of Impact Technologies Inc. - Provides keyword selection, analysis and management of pay per click pay-per-click advertising campaigns.
  • Etineria - Seller of theme based portal advertising.
  • Google AdSense - Offers a contextual advertising solution to web publishers web design and pay-per-click advertising development Delivers text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant web design pay-per-click advertising and development to site content pages.
  • RevenuePilot - Pay-per-click search network.
  • BidVertiser - Pay per click affiliate program.
  • LookSmart AdCenter - Purchase website traffic with cost per click advertising.

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