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This category has links for programmers of EPOC, *not* SIBO. Users of EPOC devices with no desire to program, see Computers/Mobile_Computing/EPOC_Devices

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See Also:
  • EikonWizard for Visual C++ and EPOC - An Eikon GUI creation wizard for VC5++.
  • AppForge - Develop applications for the Symbian Operating System using Visual Basic symbian and AppForge.
  • OPX List at - A list of OPXs (OPL extensions) for EPOC, symbian Psion and Geofox PDA's.
  • OPL Miscellany - 3lib's hints page for OPL.
  • Software Development Tools for ARM Architecture - Software Development Tools for the ARM Architecture
  • LEA Netbook Olten - Tools and programs for the PSION Netbook running epoc on LEA development system. In German.
  • Twiddlebit Software - EPOC and SIBO (Psion) project planning and advanced symbian OPL development symbian tools (Plan, Plan5, OPP, OPPDBG, GPRINTER.OPX).
  • Symbian Developer - The people behind the EPOC operating system. Symbian\\'s mission is to set the standard for mobile wireless operating systems and to enable a mass market for Wireless Information Devices.

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