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For links relating to third generation networks, not add-ons like ringtones. This category focuses on 3G networks and network technology.

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  • iCard Forensics - Provides SIM card forensic investigation hardware.
  • Applications and Wireless LLC - Wireless technology consultancy and application developer.
  • 3Guppies - Add-ons for most 3G phones and networks.
  • FCC - Information and public notices for consumers and businesses involved in third generation wireless.
  • 3G Americas - Consortium of wireless manufacturers and service providers. Detailed technology standard 3g information, FAQ, tutorials, and industry links.
  • Venturi Wireless - Offering a suite of wireless network optimization solutions wireless data for mobile carriers and their enterprise customers.
  • NetOsprey : Search - Online search engine for 3g phones and PDA devices.
  • 3G Wireless Technology - 3G wireless network news and product information.
  • Beiks : Sprint PCS Vision Phone Software - Portal for freeware and shareware games, wallpapers and 3g ringtones for sprint PCS Java enabled handsets.
  • Proxicast - Manufactures a LAN to Cell mobile gateway, providing wireless internet access via 3G networks.
  • My Phone Files - Web based storage facility for mobile content.
  • GSM World - Association of 3G wireless network operators. Network coverage wireless data maps, technology glossary and other consumer information.
  • LAN-Cell : Mobile Gateways - Developers of robust wireless 3G routers that allows multiple PCs, laptops, webcams, PDAs or other Ethernet-based devices to simultaneously utilize a single cellular wireless data account.
  • IPmotion - 3G mobile routers and hotspot products.
  • Praxis Systems - Network monitoring software to evaluate services delivered to mobile computing end 3g users.
  • Imizis - Free Wallpapers for Nokia phones - Free wallpapers for Nokia phones and desktop computers. No Pop-ups mobile computing or misleading links.
  • Talk3G Forums - Discussion forum for 3G handsets and network providers.
  • EVDO Info - EV-DO product, carrier, and network coverage information.
  • Bytemobile - Provides optimization solutions filtering and charging products.

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