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Supply software solutions for transmitting text messages to alphanumeric messaging devices, such as cellular phones, pagers. Features downloadable trial versions.

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See Also:
  • Requestec - Messaging software and service provider that delivers SMS, MMS, internet and email solutions.
  • UndeleteSMS - Recover deleted SMS messages from a GSM SIM card.
  • iMobile4u - Provides SMS solutions, web site monitoring, and e-mail wireless data to SMS service.
  • GSM Software - Company offers software for mobile phones. Includes sending short messaging service of ringtones, graphics and SMS.
  • E-spectations - Bulk sms, SMS applications, software and other SMS solutions to software suit customer needs and requirements including online marketing and branding.
  • Activemedia Technology - Software platforms and toolkits to consumer organisations interested in deploying wireless data wireless applications and services using SMS and WAP, including the wireless data latest reverse billing SMS technology.
  • Derdack Software Engineering GMBH - Supplier of software solutions for wireless communication via short messaging service software SMS, WAP and paging, including developer tools. Company short messaging service software and product information, user forum, FAQs, glossary, online short messaging service software demos, SMS freeware.
  • IPIPI - Offers international SMS services to send two-way text short messaging service wireless data messages between computers and mobile phones.
  • eSMSis - Offers SMS software with ODBC connectivity functions.
  • Message In A Bottle - Offers software for java enabled mobile phone for short messaging service software exchanging encrypted or digitally signed SMS with elliptic short messaging service software curve cryptography.
  • Internet Software Solutions - Provides software for transmitting text messages to mobile software alphanumeric messaging software devices.
  • Worldlink - Provides gateway solutions including SMS, WAP and MMS.
  • Visualtron SMS Gateway - Sells SMS mobile application servers and specialises in developing enterprise messaging solutions.
  • Systematrics Inc. - Provides software for text and numeric messaging to electronic pagers, digital telephones and other portable message display devices.
  • ShortTalks - Provides application for exchange short messages with users wireless data mobile wireless data phone connected to the computer.
  • Tops - Offers software for SMS and EMS mobile messaging applications cooperating with SMSC via CIMD2, SEMA, UCP and SMPP protocols.
  • Hybyte Solutions - A company that provides a bulk messaging solution wireless data for major brands and marketing companies
  • SMS Planner - Send individual or group SMS at schedule times.
  • Go2mobile Solutions Ltd. - Providing mobile solutions including SMS and WAP software and services wireless data to mail servers such as MS Exchange and Lotus Notes. wireless data Information on company, products, and services.
  • Logix Mobile - Offers SMS gateway, server software for mobile and short messaging service application for ERP and CRM.
  • Kryptext - Offers software to encrypt SMS text messages from short messaging service software mobile to PC.
  • WirelessROI - Offer messaging software and services. Includes product and wireless data system overviews, and career opportunities.
  • M Science Ltd. - SMS Software Server is text messaging software solution short messaging service wireless data for business. Integrate with existing mail servers.
  • Nordic Messaging - SMS gateway and Enterprise Messaging Gateway, UNIX-based high-performance wireless data products software for sending and receiving text messages (SMS).
  • GCRSoft - SMS and paging software with particular support for UK and short messaging service Australian users. Works without an internet connection, so ideal for short messaging service server monitoring.
  • Shape Services - Offer messaging software for a number of different mobile platforms.
  • m2:Server - Offers SMS gateway solution that extends the capabilities of exchange software and domino servers.
  • SMS Nordic AB - Provides short message services and products including an SMS server. software Includes company and product information.
  • Connection Software - Offers text messaging and SMS software solutions for corporate, government short messaging service and professional users.
  • Exomi - Provides gateway solutions including SMS Gateway, WAP Gateways (method and software push proxies) and Wireless Email Solutions.
  • SoftMessage - Free SMS software that enables you to send text messages short messaging service from your computer to mobile phones using the internet.
  • CodeSegment - Offers software for creating custom short message services.
  • NCL - NCL specializes in the development of software toolkits an applications short messaging service for mobile solutions.
  • Text Express - Offers two-way PC based short messaging communication software.
  • Mercury - Windows interface to send text messages to mobile phones via web-based SMS gateways. Features include sending one message to multiple recipients and spanning a long message over multiple SMS'.
  • ValueFirst Messaging - Provides software to send or receive text messages from a short messaging service PC. Includes products and solutions overview, support, and press releases.
  • Ozeki SMS Server - The OZEKI SMS Server enables you to send, receive wireless data SMS messages automatically with a mobile phone connected to your wireless data computer.
  • Aspicore SMS Gateway - Enables Windows applications with a two-way cellular phone text message wireless data interface. You can process and transfer data from the SMS wireless data messages to a SQL database.
  • SMS Security Messager - Nki security messager tools to send encrypted sms short messaging service software to protect your privacy.
  • SimpleForce - Provides software for sending SMS from PC to wireless.
  • Mobisophy Software - Provides mobile phone solutions including instant messaging, photo short messaging service wireless data sharing, interactive voice response and an all-in-one call short messaging service wireless data controller.
  • Fluis SMS - Provides software for sending SMS messages from desktop PC to mobile phones.
  • swiftNOTE - Allows to send SMS text messages via microsoft software outlook account.
  • Mobiclient - Offers free software to send sms to mobile phones.
  • Stouf Communications - Offers wireless and communication software.
  • SMSjet - Provides global bulk SMS messaging services and gateway software connectivity.

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