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Provider of productivity tools for C and C++ programmers. Product information and 14-day trials. Currently featuring a source code formatter.

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  • DDC-I - A supplier of Ada, C, C++, JOVIAL and programming multi-language compilers companies for safety critical embedded software applications. programming DDC-I also provides Consulting, companies Training and FAA Certification.
  • Nullstone Corp. - Makes NULLSTONE automated compiler performance analysis tool, uses QA approach of coverage and isolation to measure effectiveness of compiler optimizer to perform wide range of optimizations.
  • Pennington Systems Incorporated - develops and markets software engineering automation software, including compilers XTRAN, our programming expert system for analyzing, translating, and compilers re-engineering assemblers, 3GLS, 4GLS, programming command languages, database languages, compilers and text.
  • CodePlay - A developer of highly optimizing compilers.
  • HP InfoTech S.R.L. - Makes CodeVisionAVR C compiler, integrated development environment (IDE), programming automatic program compilers generator, ChipBlasterAVR in-system programmer, code wizard, programming for Atmel AVR microcontrollers. compilers [commercial]
  • Green Hills Software - Compilers and Software Development Tools for Embedded Applications. compilers MULTI integrated programming development environment, and C, C++, EC++, compilers and Ada optimizing compilers, programming for embedded applications, target compilers powerpc, 68k, x86, mips, sh, v800, programming alpha, i960, compilers sparc, and arm.
  • Semantic Designs - Provides front ends (parsers/analyzers and transformation tools) for companies conventional programming compilers languages such as C, C++, COBOL companies and Java. Links compilers to description of underlying companies DMS engine and related tools.
  • Absoft - Workstation, cluster, and desktop Fortran, C and C++ compilers compilers and development tools.
  • Temporal Wave LLC - Company providing custom programming in C, Java, .Net, PHP, MVBASIC, compilers Pick and other languages, development of parsers, lexers, ASTs, and compilers compilers in the ANTLR framework, and commercial ANTLR support services.
  • Excelsior, LLC - Package and bespoke compilers, cross-compilers, source to source compilers translators, debuggers, programming and other tools for various languages, compilers CPUs, and operating systems. programming Manufacturer of the JET compilers Java to native code compiler.
  • Compiler Consulting Resources - Individuals and Companies that Provide Compiler Consulting Services.
  • Edison Design Group - Compiler front ends for the OEM market. Company compilers profile, customer list, descriptions of Java, C++, FORTRAN compilers compilers.
  • Avocet Systems - C compilers, macro-assemblers, simulators, RTOS, and in-circuit emulators companies for embedded processors.
  • Vendor of 8051 development tools - C Compiler for 8051, Avr, Evaluation Boards, Single Board Computer, Embedded Software, Simulators.
  • Bloodshed Software - Free C, C, Pascal environment and compilers. Programmers compilers resources: Delphi, compilers C, Pascal. Freeware.
  • ProFactor Software - Provider of productivity tools for C and C++ companies programmers. Product information and 14-day trials. Currently featuring companies a source code formatter.
  • Ansasoft - Assemblers, compilers, interpreters including engineering software and utilities.
  • CodeScape - Development and debug tools for STMicro ST40, Hitachi SH4, SH3, companies SH3-DSP, SH2-DSP and SH2.
  • Digital Mars C and C++ Compilers - C and C++ compilers for Win32, Win16, and companies DOS.
  • J.M.K S.F. Software Technologies - Vendor of DOS and Linux scripting languages including compilers RapidBATCH and programming Turbo PL.
  • Tasking - Supplier of software development tools for embedded microcontroller programming and digital companies signal processors applications across industry standard programming computing platforms.

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