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A modified version of yacc that supports automatic backtracking and semantic disambiguation to parse ambiguous grammars. It also has syntactic sugar for inherited attributes.

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  • Rie - This compiler frontend generation system based on an ECLR-attributed grammar is open source, written in C and may be regarded as an extension of Yacc/Bison.
  • Oops - An object-oriented parser generator implemented in Java.
  • The LEX & YACC Page - All about Lex, Yacc, Flex, and Bison: compilers Overview, Online Documentation, Papers, Tools, Pointers
  • oolex (object-oriented lexer) - Approaches lexical analysis by basing the scanner strictly lexer and parser lexer and parser generators generators on the object-oriented paradigm. It can be lexer and lexer and parser generators parser generators extended without access to the source code in lexer lexer and parser generators and parser generators that symbol recognizers can be derived by inheritance lexer and parser generators lexer and parser generators and an executing scanner can be reconfigured lexer and parser generators for lexer and parser generators dif
  • GnuWin32 - Various GNU tools and software for Win32 including ports of programming bison, byacc, and flex
  • Toy Parser Generator for Python - TPG is a parser generator for Python. Given compilers a simple attributed grammar, TPG produces a Python compilers Recursive Descent Parser. It is simple and useful compilers for small parsers for everyday use.
  • EAG - A compiler compiler that uses the Extended Affix compilers Grammar (EAG) formalism which describes both the context compilers free and context sensitive syntax of language. The compilers compiler generates either a recognizer or a transducer compilers or a translator or a syntax-directed editor
  • jay - A version of yacc for Java rather than C. Documentation programming in German.
  • Meta-S Adaptive Context-Sensitive Parsing - The Meta-S Type-0 adaptive context-sensitive parsing calculus and programming the Grammar lexer and parser generators Forge IDE for developing and testing programming Meta-S grammars.
  • IParse - An interpreting parser, meaning that it accepts as lexer and parser lexer and parser generators generators input a grammar and a source file to lexer and lexer and parser generators parser generators be parsed according to that grammar, producing an lexer lexer and parser generators and parser generators abstract program tree. Very compact implementation.
  • Soul - An object oriented recursive descent parser generator framework lexer and parser programming generators implemented using C++ operator overloading techniques. It is lexer and programming parser generators inspired by Spirit, but use only few template lexer programming and parser generators classes thus allowing more flexibility and fastest compilation programming lexer and parser generators time. [Open source, L
  • GNU Flex - A fast lexical analyser generator. It is a compilers tool for programming generating programs that perform pattern-matching on compilers text. There are many programming applications for Flex, including compilers writing compilers in conjunction with GNU programming Bison. [Open compilers source, GPL]
  • Coco/R compiler generator - Coco/R combines the functionality of the well-known UNIX tools lex and yacc, to form an extremely easy to use compiler generator that generates recursive descent parsers, their associated scanners, and (in some versions) a driver program, from attributed
  • Hapy - A runtime parser generator library. It generates parsers lexer and parser generators from BNF-like language grammars. Parsing scripting languages and lexer and parser generators communication protocol messages are typical use cases. [Public lexer and parser generators domain]
  • LLgen parser generator - A tool for generating an efficient recursive descent compilers parser from programming an ELL(1) grammar. The grammar may compilers be ambiguous or more programming general than ELL(1): there compilers are both static and dynamic facilities programming to resolve compilers the ambiguities.
  • Turbo Pascal Lex/Yacc - a compiler generator for Turbo Pascal and compatibles. The package contains two programs, TP Lex and Yacc, which are approximately compatible with the UNIX utilities Lex and Yacc, but are written in and produce code for the Turbo Pascal programming la
  • TextTransformer - A parsergenerator, a simple c++ interpreter and an interactive debugger combined to a visual development environment, which analyzes, evaluates, converts texts immediately.
  • JB2CSharp - A port of the Java-Bison/Flex software developed by programming the Serl project at the University of Colorado, programming Boulder. Parsers and lexers will be able programming to use C# actions. The open source .NET programming project Mono has requested the port, and here programming it is. [Open source, BSD Li
  • AnaGram - Provides a powerful grammar notation, special features for maintenance of highly configurable parsers, visual parsing and unique interactive debugging tools, supporting thread-safe parsers. The program produces C/C++ parsers for use on any platform and ru
  • Pattern matching - Pattern matching in syntax analysis as influenced by compilers SNOBOL4. The compilers library distributed under the GNU Library compilers General Public License provides compilers for recursive patterns, various compilers iterators and user-defined patterns along with compilers bindings for compilers Ada, K and R C/ANSI C/C
  • Visual BNF - An LR(1) parser by Intralogic for Backus-Naur form programming and generating compilers parse tables DLL's in .NET assembly.
  • PCCTS Resources - The primary source of maintenance releases for the PCCTS compiler construction tool set. PCCTS is an LL(k) recursive descent parser generator with semantic predicates and backtracking. It was developed by T.J. Parr.
  • Grammatica - Grammatica is a free LL(k) parser generator (compiler lexer and parser lexer and parser generators generators compiler) for C# and Java. Support for automatic lexer and lexer and parser generators parser generators error recovery, and instant parsing is available.
  • Happy - A parser generator for Haskell.
  • Depot4 homepage - A simple to use translator generator.
  • Kelbt: Backtracking LR Parsing - Kelbt generates backtracking LALR(1) parsers. Whereas standard LALR(1) parser generators emit an error upon encountering a conflict in the parse tables, Kelbt forges onward, generating parsers which handle conflicts by backtracking at runtime. As Kelbt is
  • re2c lexer generator - re2c is a tool for writing fast and flexible lexers. A re2c generated scanner is usually 2-3 times faster than a flex based scanner, and its input model is much more flexible.
  • Lapg - The combined lexical analyzer and parser generator, which programming converts a programming description for a context-free LALR grammar programming into source file to programming parse the grammar. [Open programming source, GPL]
  • ProGrammar - object-oriented grammar definition language and integrated suite of programming visual tools that assist in building, testing and programming debugging parsers.
  • A Compact Guide to Lex and Yacc - Tutorial in Lex and Yacc, tools that simplify compiler construction.
  • Spirit C++ Parser Framework - An object oriented recursive descent parser generator framework implemented using lexer and parser generators template meta-programming techniques. Expression templates allow to approximate the syntax lexer and parser generators of Extended Backus Normal Form (EBNF) completely in C++.
  • YAY - Yet Another YACC - Closed-source, but free LALR(2) parser generator, accepts yacc input with programming some extensions.
  • LLOOP - LLOOP generates C++ LL(1) parsers from EBNF grammars and allows compilers a tight integration with object-oriented applications, based on a symbol/class compilers mapping. The generated code can also perform the reverse operation compilers (expanding), whereby the original input can b
  • VLDesk (Visual Language Desk) - A powerful tool for the automatic generation of compilers Visual Programming compilers Environments. Its new reworked version of compilers Visual Language Compiler-Compiler (VLCC).
  • Yacc++(R) and the Language Objects Library - Object-oriented rewrite of Lex and Yacc for C++, with lexer and parser generators automatic AST class generation, grammar inheritance, minimal state ELR(1) and lexer and parser generators technology. (Commercial package)
  • GradSoft YaYacc - Yet another Yacc, which accept yacc grammar and produce compilers C++ template-based reentrant code. [Open Source, BSD license]
  • Lex and Yacc for Delphi 3 - Port of lex and yacc to Delphi 3. Base at lexer and parser generators port to Turbo Pascal.
  • Elkhound: A GLR Parser Generator - Almost as fast as Bison (for deterministic portions of input), lexer and parser generators but can parse any context-free grammar. [Open source, BSD]
  • YooLex (Yet another Object-Oriented Lex) - A Flex like scanner code generator, but it compilers generates C++ compilers scanner classes that are re-entrant compilers and compatible with the compilers newer standard of compilers C++/STL. Multiple scanner classes and compilers instances can compilers co-exist in a program without tweaking of compilers compilers macros.
  • The LEMON Parser Generator - Very simple LALR(1) open-source parser generator. Outputs C, compilers claims to lexer and parser generators produce faster parsers than yacc/bison.
  • iburg, A Tree Parser Generator - Generates fast tree parsers for cost-augmented tree grammars. programming A variant programming of iburg is used in the programming code generators for programming lcc.
  • GOLD Parser - A free parser generator. Unlike common compiler-compilers, the programming GOLD Parser compilers does not require you to embed programming your grammar directly into compilers your source code. Instead, programming the Builder analyzes the grammar description compilers and saves programming the parse tables to a separate file. This
  • The SLK Parser Generator - Produces compact and efficient table-driven LL(k) parsers in C, C++, lexer and parser generators C#, and Java. Features include automated grammar transformations, clean EBNF lexer and parser generators syntax, backtracking, new LL(k) algorithms, and an uncomplicated API.
  • ClearParse - A small, flexible parsing engine with practically unlimited lexer and parser generators backtracking capability. [Commercial]
  • JS/CC Parser Generator - JS/CC is a LALR(1) parser and lexer generator lexer and parser generators for JavaScript/ECMAScript which is entirely written in JavaScript.
  • CppCC (C++ Compiler Compiler) - a scanner+LL(k = 1..Inf) parser generator for C++. compilers Allows easy programming top-down description of grammars in an compilers intuitive and extensible manner. programming Good generated code speed compilers (as comared to GNU Flex/Bison). [Open programming source, GPL]
  • GNU Bison - A general-purpose parser generator that converts a grammar description for an LALR context-free grammar into a C program to parse that grammar. [Open source, GPL]
  • The RDP parser generator - A parser generator which compiles attributed LL(1) grammars decorated with lexer and parser generators C semantic actions into recursive descent compilers.
  • Bison++ and Flex++ - A retargeting of bison-1 and flex 2.3 to lexer and parser compilers generators C++ capable of generating classes. As with Bison lexer and compilers parser generators and Flex these two tools are independent but lexer compilers and parser generators designed for mutual compatibility. Examples are provided to compilers lexer and parser generators help in getting started.
  • BtYacc: BackTracking Yacc - A modified version of yacc that supports automatic compilers backtracking and semantic disambiguation to parse ambiguous grammars. compilers It also has syntactic sugar for inherited attributes.
  • BtYacc patches: BackTracking Yacc - The version of BtYacc on siber.com suffers from a few lexer and parser generators minor, but annoying bugs. This is a page with patches.
  • Ragel State Machine Compiler - Compiles FSMs from regular languages into executable C, programming C++, Objective-C or D code. The GPL\\'ed software programming can be used to create a parser for programming any language that is regular. Examples include parsing programming Unix mailbox files and general lexing tasks.
  • Styx - A scanner and lalr(1) parser generator. It has features like programming automatic derivation of depth grammar, production of the abstract syntax programming tree including its C interface and preserves full source information programming to facilitate source-source translation.

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