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  • Gaddipati, Rama Krishna - Resume. Solutions for ACM ICPC problems by Rama programming Krishna Gaddipati. Also solutions for first and second programming year students of BITS, Pilani who are doing programming their Computer Programming-I [CP-I] and Computer Programming-II [CP-II].
  • Ed's Programming Contest Problem Archive - Home page with problem archives of past ACM contests Programming Contests.
  • CUHK ACM Programming Team - Home page of City University of Hong Kong, contests the first contests place winners in the ACM International contests Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM/ICPC) contests Asia Regional.
  • UCI Teams for the ACM Programming Contest - Home page of the University of California, Irvine\\'s programming for the programming ACM Programming Contest.
  • Tom's Contests Page - Schedule and links to programming contests.
  • David Neto's Programming Contest Page - Contestant and coach of prior programming contest teams personal pages in personal pages ACM Programming Contest regionals.
  • Olympiad in Informatics - Personal homepage of Zeyuan Zhu and his friends. Programming resources (problems and solutions).
  • Interactive Proof of Pythogoras' Theorem - Home page of the grand prize winner in personal pages Sun contests Microsystem's Java programming contest in 1995.
  • ACM ICPC Problem Set Archive - Problem sets from past ACM programming contests. Most programming of them are from regional contests and some programming from the finals.
  • Dats' Digital Domain - A simple java contest site with a forum to chatter personal pages about it. Monthly/Bi-monthly contests.
  • Cilk Pousse - Home page of the first prize winners of the ICFP contests Functional Programming Contest from MIT Laboratory for Computer Sciences.
  • Selected ACM ICPC Problem Solutions - Solutions to some problems which appear in ACM ICPCs and contests aptitude tests. Solutions by Rama Krishna Gaddipati.
  • Producing a Programming Contest Problem Set - Home page of Tom Verhoeff providing guidelines for producing an personal pages "ACM style" programming contest problem set.

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