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Stores and colorize code snippets and its error message, if any. To be used for showcasing code snippets in forums, newsgroups or any other media where code coloring is not possible.

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See Also:
  • Natural Docs - A documentation program that generates HTML from documented C++, Java, and Perl. Focuses on a transparent syntax that keeps the comments in the source code readable. [Open source]
  • DOC++ - Generates TeX and HTML documentation from comments in programming C, C++, documentation IDL, and Java files. [Open Source, programming GPL]
  • IDIOM Source Code Compiler - Compiles reusable text databases and HTML documentation from programming C, C++, programming Perl etc. source codes.
  • Highlight - Hosts a tool which helps to format and colour source development tools code of over 120 supported programming languages. Coloured output is development tools available in HTML, XHTML, RTF, TeX, LaTeX and XML format.
  • Doxygen - A documentation system for C++, C, Java and documentation IDL. It development tools generates Latex, HTML, RTF, Postscript and documentation Unix man page outputs development tools from a set of documentation documented source files. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Color+Code - Stores and colorize code snippets and its error development tools message, if any. To be used for showcasing development tools code snippets in forums, newsgroups or any other development tools media where code coloring is not possible.
  • Adobe RoboHelp - Training and consulting for RoboHelp family of products. Offers support development tools options, product specifications, and ordering information for this line of development tools help authoring tools.
  • ROBODoc - Generates documentation in a variety of formats from programming source code. development tools Supports HTML, PDF, LaTeX, C++, programming and Perl, among many development tools others. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Web C Plus Plus: Webcpp - Converts source code into HTML files via fully documentation customizable syntax development tools highlighting engine and color schemes; supports documentation over 20 languages, runs development tools on Linux, Unix, Windows. documentation [Open Source, GPL]
  • Doc-To-Help - A help authoring tool and add-ons. By ComponentOne.
  • Visustin - Visualize source code of many programming languages with development tools flow documentation charts. Help in documenting and reviewing algorithms.
  • Living Address: Living Doc - Documentation tool that automatically documents existing ASP and development tools SQL Server projects. Presents the documentation in a development tools web interface. [Commercial, trial version]
  • KDOC - Generates LaTeX, HTML, and man pages from comments documentation in C++ development tools and IDL files. [Open Source, documentation GPL]
  • HelpCruiser - Destined for creation documents in various formats such programming as HTML, CHM, PDF, RTF and XML. It\\'s programming optimized for solving tasks, that appear during the programming process of creation help files, descriptions and manuals. programming [Commercial]
  • Universal Report - A generic code analysis and documentation tool to programming easily analyse and generate a structured and formatted programming overview of a given set of program codes programming in Basic, C, C++, COBOL, Fortran, Java, Matlab, programming Pascal, Visual Basic, Borland C++ Builder, Delphi, Kylix, programming Vis
  • Helptrix - Help authoring system for creating professional help and development tools manuals in several formats (includes HTML and PDF) development tools from a single source. [Commercial]
  • PTLogica TwinText - Automatically generates HTML documentation from source code comments. programming Works with development tools C, C++, Visual Basic and languages programming with similar commenting syntax.

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