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Helpful tools of interest to ASP developers. This category includes links to company sites offering editors, code generators, and server-side components, but does not include resource sites, ASP tools links pages and similar sites.

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  • ASPMaker - An automation tool that can generate a full set of ASP (Active Server Pages) from a Microsoft Access Database or any ODBC Data Source. [Commercial]
  • Team Remote ASP Debugger - ASP debugging development tool let edit and debug ASP pages both remotely and locally. VBScript and JavaScript debugging fully supported. [Commercial]
  • 1 Click DB - Online web database administration and code wizard for tools Microsoft Access, asp SQL Server and Oracle. [Commercial]
  • DB3NF - An ASP web application development platform for creation of maintainable and scalable applications. [Commercial]
  • ASP XMLRPC - An ASP library written in VBScript which implements both listener asp and client functionality.
  • DB2ASP - Wizard for creating an ASP document and dynamically internet displaying the asp contents of a database table. [Commercial]
  • Apache-ASP - Perl module that provides an Active Server Pages port to tools the Apache web server. Allows developers to create dynamic web tools applications with session management and perl code embedded in static tools HTML files. Extra features include XSLT, XML taglibs, output cach
  • Sun ONE Active Server Pages - Provides ASP support for Unix and NT-based web internet servers, including tools COM, Active Server Components and JavaBeans. internet [Commercial]
  • BrightSword Designer - Code generation tool for the software developers to tools build database-driven internet web applications in ASP, ASP.NET, JSP tools using the point click internet method of development.
  • ASP Documentation Tool - Tool for creating low level documentation for ASP tools pages written in Perl. [Commercial, trial]
  • WebGecko Software - ASPCache is a high performance, thread-safe collection component internet designed to internet make it easy to cache data internet and page fragments in internet ASP. APGen is a internet programming environment for pre-rendering Web pages internet and for internet generating other content.
  • CFM2ASP - A program to aid in the conversion of internet a website from ColdFusion to an Active Server internet Page. [Commercial]
  • HttpRevealer - Helps ASP developers to debug their applications by asp exposing the tools communications between the webserver and the asp browser at the HTTP tools level. [Commercial]
  • ASPRunner - Creates set of ASP pages to access and tools modify Oracle, internet SQL Server, MS Access , DB2, tools MySQL, FileMaker database or internet any other ODBC datasource. tools Using generated ASP pages users can internet search, edit, tools delete and add data into database. [Shareware]
  • newObjects Active Local Pages - Active Server Pages and CGI engine. Enables the asp ASP/CGI programming internet for desktop, standalone, autorun applications without asp any dependency on WEB internet server and network. Ships asp with rich run-time library of components, internet extended DHTML asp viewer, installer.

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