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Represents a central information resource for all UK ColdFusion developers. Meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month and are free to attend.

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See Also:
  • ColdFusion Users Group Ireland - Helpful advice and the latest news.
  • San Diego Adobe Developers User Group (SDADUG) - Promotes application development using ColdFusion and other Adobe internet products. Site user groups provides links to meetings, email lists, internet jobs, standards and resources.
  • CFUG-WA - ColdFusion developers group in Perth, Western Australia, who coldfusion get together internet to discuss all things ColdFusion. The coldfusion group meets on the internet 4th Tuesday of the coldfusion month.
  • CFMentor - ColdFusion Italian Resource - The Italian ColdFusion resource for ColdFusion developers to share code, coldfusion articles, custom tags, links, and job offers.
  • Houston ColdFusion User Group (HOUCFUG) - Provides book reviews, group meeting information, and resource user groups links.
  • ColdFusion - How To - Provides an email-based forum in which members can read and coldfusion post anything about ColdFusion and related topics. Common information coldfusion includes tutorials, tips, problems, and what's new.
  • Mid-Michigan ColdFusion Users Group (MMCFUG) - Information on this group meeting at Michigan State University. Includes coldfusion links, downloads, and contact info.
  • Southern California ColdFusion Users Group (SCCFUG) - Adobe server product users group.
  • San Francisco Bay Area ColdFusion User Group (BACFUG) - The official Adobe ColdFusion user group for the internet San Francisco Bay Area. Host monthly meetings and internet a help/job mailing list.
  • Boston ColdFusion User Group (BCFUG) - Adobe User Group meets mid-month for presentations and networking. Site includes meeting schedule, news, contacts, and calendar.
  • Southeast Minnesota ColdFusion User Group - A group of developers in the Rochester area dedicated to the study of ColdFusion programming.
  • Great Lakes Web Developers - Adobe User Group based in southwestern Michigan focused on ColdFusion, Flex, AIR and other Adobe products.
  • Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group - All levels of ColdFusion developers share their knowledge. user groups Provides links to presentations, local email list and user groups local hosting and development houses.
  • Adobe User Groups - Complete list of official Adobe User Groups, including internet ColdFusion user coldfusion groups. Provides location, contact, and Web internet site.
  • Orange County Cold Fusion User Group (OCCFUG) - Sister organization to OCFlash focused on Adobe server products.
  • The Online ColdFusion Meetup Group - Meetup for fans of ColdFusion - uniting developers coldfusion to help and inspire each other. Organized by coldfusion Charlie Arehart from Alpharetta, GA.
  • Seacoast ColdFusion Flex Group - An official Adobe User Group dedicated to ColdFusion user groups and Flex based in New Hampshire.
  • South Florida ColdFusion User Group - An organization for web professionals interested in learning about, or coldfusion expending their knowledge of, web development using Adobe ColdFusion.
  • CFugitives - Connecticut ColdFusion User Group - Serving Southern Connecticut and Westchester, NY. Monthly meetings coldfusion on ColdFusion coldfusion and related technologies, such as Flex, coldfusion AJAX and AIR.
  • Tulsa CFUG - The ColdFusion User Group based in Tulsa, Oklahoma coldfusion catering to coldfusion both newcomers and experienced programmers.
  • Chennai Adobe ColdFusion User Group - Adobe ColdFusion User Group that meets in Hyderabad, user groups India user groups covering Adobe RIA products.
  • Indianapolis ColdFusion User Group - Serving the Indianapolis ColdFusion community by providing a user groups place coldfusion where developers can exchange ideas, discuss issues user groups and learn coldfusion about technologies in web application development.
  • Albany NY ColdFusion User Group - Jobs, directions, and meeting information.
  • ACT and Region ColdFusion Users Group (ACTCFUG) - Serving the Canberra region ColdFusion community by providing a central coldfusion place where ColdFusion developers can exchange ideas, discuss issues, and coldfusion learn about various technologies in web application development.
  • Sacramento ColdFusion User Group - SacCFUG provides meetings and news for the Sacramento ColdFusion user groups programmer's community.
  • New York ColdFusion Users Group - This month and past meetings, articles, sponsorship, library, internet mailing list.
  • GIS Fusion - ColdFusion User Group - Gainesville, Florida - GIS Fusion offers GeoSpatial Information Systems, Information Technologies user groups and coldfusion ColdFusion integration techniques and resources for developers user groups and programmers.
  • Phoenix ColdFusion UserGroup - Offers announcements, files, links and job opportunities.
  • Atlanta ColdFusion User Group - Offers news, history of past meetings, library, links and calendar user groups of events.
  • Flex and Fuse the Arch - Adobe user group based in St. Louis, MO. user groups meets coldfusion to discuss ColdFusion, Flex, AIR, and other user groups Adobe technologies. coldfusion Site includes group description, event listings, user groups meeting schedules and coldfusion list of previous meeting topics.
  • ColdFusion Users Group of Central New York - Meets once a month in Syracuse, NY covers ColdFusion, Web Development, and other Adobe Technology.
  • UK ColdFusion User Group (UKCFUG) - Represents a central information resource for all UK ColdFusion developers. Meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month and are free to attend.
  • MD ColdFusion User's Group - Provides tips on ColdFusion, previous events, meetings, links, user groups directions and suggestions.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth ColdFusion User Group - The mission of the DFW ColdFusion User Group is to provide a community of ColdFusion developers who can help each other by educating others about ColdFusion and related Web Technologies, and providing a forum for discussion of real-world CF programming is
  • Philadelphia Cold Fusion UserGroup - Offers meetings schedule, presentations and resources concerning the group.
  • ColdFusion User Group - India - Represents a central information resource for all Indian Adobe ColdFusion developers. The group aims to provide Adobe product information resources and a chance to meet fellow developers and network within the community.
  • Cold Fusion Users Group - Toronto - Membership, not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the local internet community of user groups developers. Features current news and internet events concerning the group, user groups upcoming speakers, and a internet directory of current members.

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