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A weblog—or, more often, blog—is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order. The weblogs listed here provide commentary and/or news primarily about Adobe ColdFusion. A typical blog in this category will combine text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to ColdFusion and CFML.

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See Also:
  • cfsilence - Weblog by Todd Sharp.
  • Charlie Arehart's Blog - From web app developer and evangelist, Charlie Arehart.
  • Matt Woodward - Washington D.C. Coldfusion, Flex and Java web application developer.
  • Adrian J. Moreno @ iKnowKung(Foo).Blog(); - A blog about Object Oriented Programming with ColdFusion weblogs and Mach-II, website architecture and related topics.
  • An Architect's View - Sean Corfield\\'s weblog, covering ColdFusion, frameworks, and software design. Also internet includes news on the development of Fusebox 5.
  • Martin Laine: 1 Pixel Out - News, articles, tutorials, downloads, opinions and general thoughts weblogs on ColdFusion, Mach-II, Fusebox, Web Standards and other weblogs web things.
  • ColdFusion Muse - Mark Kruger's Daily Musings on ColdFusion.
  • ArcIMS and ColdFusion Users - A group weblog for users of ESRI Software\\'s ArcIMS and weblogs Macromedia ColdFusion, covering platforms issues, coding, Flash and Java integration.
  • Mark Breneman - Dervish Moose - Discusses ColdFusion and other technologies.
  • Doug Boude - Weblog of a ColdFusion developer.
  • AndyJarrett - Weblog of articles related to ColdFusion.
  • Shuttle.Space - Weblog of Peter Farrell. Also offers downloadable tools for general ColdFusion use as well as Mach-II.
  • Remote Synthesis - Brian Rinaldi resume and weblog. ColdFusion development resources.
  • Simon Horwith - Editor-in-chief of ColdFusion Developers Journal. Also covers Flex weblogs and information coldfusion about the ColdFusion community.
  • John Wilker - Weblog from Adobe ColdFusion and Flex application developer weblogs in Colorado.
  • The ColdFusion Podcast - A ColdFusion-focused podcast with hosts Bryan Kaiser and Michael Haynie. weblogs (Not currently active.)
  • John Beynon - Discusses ColdFusion and FuseBox, as well as related coldfusion topics.
  • Useful Concept - Technology, reviews, commentary and with an emphasis on ColdFusion, Flex weblogs and AIR.
  • Steven Erat - TalkingTree.com - ColdFusion Quality Assurance Engineer at Adobe Systems. Discusses weblogs ColdFusion as well as related technologies and photography.
  • Ahamad Patan ColdFusion 8 Blog - Blog to discuss ColdFusion 8, Flex, and related coldfusion technologies.
  • MXimize.com - Weblog about developing ColdFusion applications with SQL, XHTML, coldfusion and CSS.
  • Phil Duba - Covers ColdFusion and some Flex.
  • Flex, Air, Blaze & ColdFusion - A weblog about ColdFusion and FLEX Development.
  • Simon Whatley - The personal blog of Simon Whatley; Adobe ColdFusion internet Certified Instructor.
  • Succor - This site covers Nick Tongs talking about technology, namely ColdFusion internet and ColdFusion frameworks.
  • ColdFusion Weekly - Podcast hosted by Matt Woodward and Peter Farrell.
  • Luis Majanos's Coldfusion and Java Blog - A blog about ColdFusion, Java, Linux and technology.
  • Macromedia XML News Aggregator - Consolidated feed of ColdFusion weblogs.
  • Michael Imhoff - Omnicypher - Freelance consultant covers ColdFusion as well as Flash, internet databases, Flex, weblogs and other technologies.
  • Just an Average Yo - Johann Sonnenberg\\'s blog about ColdFusion, programming frameworks, web technology, and coldfusion life.
  • Web Biz - Blog on web technologies focusing on Adobe\\'s ColdFusion, weblogs other Adobe RIA technologies, and web development.
  • Ashwin Mathew - Stake Five - Software engineer at Adobe.
  • Brandon Purcell - Adobe support engineer and consultant. Covers ColdFusion and related technologies.
  • Infuse - ColdFusion Blog - ColdFusion blog written Kay Smoljak hosted by SitePoint.
  • Coldfusion Blog - Phil Porter writes on web technology including ColdFusion, SQL, JavaScript weblogs and design.
  • sebtools - ColdFusion Programmer\\'s blog that includes CF_BlogPicks, featuring the best CFML weblogs blog posts of the week.
  • Gary Gilbert's Technology Blog - A blog about web development, Rich Internet Applications, coldfusion Coldfusion, AJAX, weblogs Javascript.
  • Mike Nimer - Former Macromedia ColdFusion team member turned independent consultant.
  • Russ and Coldfusion - A personal weblog about developing in ColdFusion.
  • Firemoss - Weblog for consulting company of Joe Rinehart, creator weblogs of the coldfusion ModelGlue framework.
  • John Ramon's ColdFusion Blog - A ColdFusion journey through the unknown
  • Shlomy Gantz - Founder of BlueBrick Inc. and certified Macromedia instructor. weblogs Covers ColdFusion as well as Java, software design weblogs and project management.
  • Raymond Camden's ColdFusion Blog - Popular ColdFusion developer and author of BlogCFC, CFLib, internet and other applications.
  • Brian's Blog - Personal blog of Brian Kotek, covering ColdFusion, Fusebox, Mach-II, Model-Glue, coldfusion ColdSpring, Reactor, Object-Oriented Programming, and programming best-practices.
  • Cutter's Crossing - Weblog from Steve "Cutter" Blades.
  • Kinky Solutions : A Student's Perspective by Ben Nadel - The play ground of ColdFusion web applications developer Ben Nadel.
  • Sammy Larbi - My Secret Life as a Spaghetti Coder - Discusses ColdFusion and Object-Oriented design principles.
  • CFStuff - Hansjoerg Posch writes about ColdFusion and related technologies.
  • Greg Nilsen - Greg discusses Coldfusion, music, and life.
  • Nic Tunney - Developer\'s weblog on ColdFusion and other Adobe technologies, like LiveCycle.
  • Axelology - Axel Jensen on ColdFusion, Eclipse, and Flex.
  • Yacoblog: ColdFusion Web Development - Jake Munson\'s weblog covering ColdFusion and other Information Technology topics.
  • Damon Cooper - Weblog from Director of Engineering for ColdFusion at weblogs Adobe.
  • Dave Shuck - Co-creator of InstantSpot.
  • Axel Jensen - Axelology - A developer's weblog.
  • Full As A Goog - Aggregates weblogs that cover ColdFusion and other Macromedia internet technologies.
  • CFUNITED Podcast - Weekly talks from CFUNITED speakers hosted by Christian coldfusion Ready. (Not currently active.)
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