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Informing sites that provide information on programming/developing Internet applications.

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  • Universal Web Services: Web Programmer's Forum - Information on Web programming including ColdFusion, PHP, Java, JavaScript and programming Python.
  • DevGuru - Quick references, demos, products, tutorials, and help resources focusing on VBScript, JavaScript, ECMAScript, JScript, ASP, JetSQL, and Style Sheets.
  • HTTPguru - A programmers, Web development, computer help community.
  • - Java applets, ASP, DHTML and JavaScripts available for resources download. programming Also articles and tutorials.
  • The Code Library - A collection of ASP, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, HTML internet sources and internet tips.
  • USINGIT.COM - Javascripts, Java applets and servlets, CGI scripts for internet webmasters.
  • WebF1 - Tips, articles, reviews and news for technologies including JavaScript, VBScript, resources ASP, SQL Server.
  • Developer Tutorials - A collection of web development tutorials for new to advanced resources programmers.
  • Global Develop - Tutorials, forums and links on ASP, SwishMax, Swish and HTML. programming Downloads.
  • Dev Articles - Articles, books and e-books for ASP, ASP.NET, C#, Cold Fusion, programming Flash, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, SQL Server, XML. programming Also scripts.
  • Hawkfield.Tech - Resources on ASP and PHP programming, the Google internet searchengine and about Domainnames in general. Includes tips internet and tricks to improve website.
  • BrainJar - Features technical articles, tutorials and examples of programming resources for the resources web.
  • NuSphere's Tech Library - A resource to find out about the technology internet that drives the open source movement such as internet mySQL, Apache, Perl, and PHP.
  • Fat Scripts - Free scripts including in PHP, Perl, ASP, programming Also tools programming sections.
  • Infoscripts - A collection of ASP, PHP, CGI, JavaScript and Perl scripts.
  • Quadzilla Archive - Reference and tutorials for internet technologies including ActiveX, internet cookies, dHTML.
  • Squeek Machine - Web developer and Internet resources. Books, links and code examples.
  • - Web coding and development forums. Discuss JavaScript, PHP, resources CGI, general resources web building.
  • Wise Tuna - Provides web development advice and examples of JavaScripts, common ActiveX resources Data Object interfacing, a VB Class Generator and even a resources singing Tuna.
  • - Scripting and Web programming. Examples with PHP, XML, resources XSL, XPATH.
  • NetSpade - Articles and tutorials for ASP, HTML, Java, JavaScript, programming PHP, VBScript.
  • - Offers how-to articles, tips, techniques, and other programming resources for resources webmasters.
  • DevPapers - Source for news, articles, reviews and tutorials related resources to Internet internet development.
  • portalZINE - Provides news about trends in the web open internet source software. programming DHTML, PHP script reviewes.
  • AllTheScripts - Directory, where both webmasters and programmers can either resources submit web-related internet resources or search for others.
  • Web Continuum - Articles & Demos - A small selection of demos and articles showcasing programming current trends programming on the WWW - Web Services, programming Microsoft ASP.NET, and Flash.
  • e-gineer - Independent articles, links and instruction sets for web programming site engineers. By Nathan Wallace.
  • - XML, PHP, ASP code and webmaster resources, online tools.

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