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REST [Representational State Transfer] is an architectural style for building large-scale networked applications. It is a description of the facets of the WWW that made the Web so successful. -- Roy Fielding

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Editor's Picks:

RESTwiki* - Site dedicated to all things related to the REST architectural style; includes a list of REST resources.

  • sqlREST - Tool for exposing relational databases as REST style rest Web Service
  • Waterken Web Services - A model for building an application network interface that follows the constraints of both REST and capability-based security. Specifications, tutorials, white papers and programmer documentation for Waterken Web calculus and abstract messaging protocol.
  • REST for AOLserver, PyWX, and Quixote - Document by Dave Kuhlman provides an introduction to REST plus suggestions and instructions on how to deliver RESTful applications on top of AOLserver, PyWX, and Quixote, possibly with help of a relational database such as PostgreSQL.
  • Paul's REST Resources - Articles and links on REST and related technologies.
  • REST - Representational State Transfer - Roy Thomas Fielding\\'s PhD dissertation "Architectural Styles and service-oriented architecture the Design of Network-based Software Architectures".
  • hughw's blog - Architecture of web services and the semantic web. rest REST/Relational perspective.
  • RESTLog - A weblog application that tries to follow the web services REST architectural style.

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