Implementations SOAP Web Services Service-Oriented Architecture

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  • White Mesa SOAP Service Implementation - SOAP implementation as a Windows NT service. Supports WSDL. By soap Robert Cunnings.
  • TclSOAP - An implementation of the SOAP protocol in the web services Tcl web services scripting language.
  • Wingfoot SOAP - A Lightweight implementation of SOAP 1.1 for J2ME (CLDC and CDC).
  • EasySoap++ - A cross platform C++ implementation of the SOAP soap 1.1 specification.
  • 4S4C - Aka Simon\\'s SOAP Server Services For COM, a implementations COM component that will invoke methods on COM implementations objects, from a SOAP request message, and return implementations the results as a SOAP response message. By implementations Simon Fell.
  • Spheon JSOAP - Implementation of SOAP 1.1 (Server and Client) for Java.
  • XSOAP toolkit (a.k.a. SoapRMI) - Implementation of RMI for Java and C++. By SoapTeam, Extreme implementations Computing Lab.
  • IBM SOAP4J - A Java implementation of the SOAP protocol. It has been superseded by Apache SOAP. By IBM.
  • pocketSOAP - A COM implementation of SOAP client facilities. Originally targeted at web services PocketPC platform and now also targets Wintel. By Simon Fell.
  • PEAR::Package::SOAP - This is a soap integration for PHP (pear implementations package).
  • SOAP::Lite for Perl - Implementation of SOAP in Perl, includes modules for implementations XMLRPC and soap UDDI. By Paul Kulchenko.
  • gSOAP - A cross-platform C and C++ implementation. Generates C/C++ web services source web services codes for Web service and client applications.
  • Fusion SOAP - Implementation of embedded SOAP Client/Server in C language. [Commercial]

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