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An open source set of libraries that can be used as building blocks for an operating system for x86. Includes documentation and publications.

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See Also:
  • Agnix - An open source project, which has been founded to provide an educational, network operating system kernel.
  • Operating System design & implementation Tutorial - A educational tutorial on the development of a real mode, programming single tasking operating system developed in assembler.
  • Pierre's Library - A resource center for PC operating system developpers. The aim programming is to provide reliable documents about software and hardware standards programming under the aspect of official specifications as well as more programming friendly documents.
  • DBLP Bibliography: Operating Systems - Links to many operating systems journals on the web.
  • Operating System Lecture Notes - Notes on operating system theory, source code of programming describing actual construction of operating system in C programming programming language. Also OS construction related links to programming books, notes, tutorials, and news groups.
  • OSDEV Community - A web portal dedicated to operating system development, computers attracting programmers programming into an advanced development environment.
  • The Basic Kernel Source Code Secrets - By William Jolitz and Lynne Jolitz (authors of 386BSD OS). Good book to learn the kernel internals of 386 architecture operating systems.
  • TAJ Operating System - TAJ is an object oriented operating system written in C++. programming It is a multitasking, multithreading and a multiuser operating system.
  • KernelNewbies.org - Resources for programmers new to kernel hacking. Example code, FAQs, utilities for debugging modules.
  • The Operating Systems Resource Center - Includes information about booting, file systems, memory, architecture, operating systems and operating systems interfacing with other devices.
  • Ace Operating System Project - An open source operating system for X86 architecture. operating systems It programming also contains documents, specifications explaining various hardware.
  • Tuomo Kortesmaa - Notes and example code for basic operating systems operating systems concepts, threads, sockets, and device drivers.
  • Yet Another Object Oriented Operating System - A project of developing new object oriented operating operating systems system.
  • OSDev - OS Development RSS News, forums, and the OSDev programming Wiki including computers the largest listing of ameatur operating programming system projects on the computers internet.
  • ACM Special Interest Group for Operating Systems - Tutorial for writing an operating system and links operating systems to group members' projects.
  • How to Program a Bootstrap Loader - A bootstrap tutorial that includes assembly language code to demonstrate loading and executing a binary image from a FAT filesystem.
  • Intel Pentium 4 Manuals - The full documentation of system management from Intel for the IA-32 architecture.
  • Porting UNIX to the 386 - Historic article series appearing in 1991 that started programming the open source operating system movement.
  • Inter-Process Communication Tutorial - Interactive tutorial about message passing, semaphores, and monitors.
  • Mainframe Programming - The mainframe continues to grow and transform itself while maintaining operating systems its reliability, security and speed.
  • visopsys OS Development - A collection of source code, information, and links related to operating systems general Operating Systems Development on the Web.
  • Bona Fide OS Development - OS development information and tutorials. Links.
  • CS 3210 Design of Operating Systems - A course in operating systems with a focus operating systems on programming the design and construction of a modern operating systems OS kernel.
  • Virtual Memory Tutorial - Includes discussion of virtual memory.
  • The OSKit Project - An open source set of libraries that can operating systems be programming used as building blocks for an operating operating systems system for programming x86. Includes documentation and publications.
  • Cottontail OS Development Library - Old non-updated mirror online library covering a plethora of OS operating systems development topics. Datasheets, tutorials, reference manuals and hardware programming information.

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