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A site dedicated to tinkering and curiosity. There are opinions a small sometimes current journal and projects that I have been working on.

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  • Warp Home Page - CamlMake - add-on to MS Visual Studio 6.0 for Caml programming support. SWFLib and SWFGui for extracting useful information from SWF programming files. FenX - a Java simulator for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) decentralized programming networks (such as gnutella). Osiris - OCaml Visual Components. All
  • Noah's Page (The Old Code) - Programming with Visual Basic, HTML, and mIRC Scripting.
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  • Grom - Java, XML, DocBook and Linux links and notes.
  • Codebytez - Lessons learn during author\\'s ten years of programming programming with real-life examples. Practical applications of theoretical principles.
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  • CJ's Programming Help - Programming help and sources for languages: HTML, Javascript, anonymous LibertyBasic.
  • Edge - Articles: What is XML? and Delphi vs. VB.NET. Also Portuguese personal pages content.
  • gatopeich's simple unix tools - Offers free programs for download, including hacks.
  • Mrktheni - Page to share information that author gathered by anonymous reading and by experiencing at realtime on DB2, anonymous Java, Rexx, CICS, COBOL, JCL.
  • QuickSystems - Freeware and commercial ActiveX components and tools. Visual anonymous Basic examples personal pages and links.
  • Dark Logic - Personal page with a programming section containing Tutorials and examples in C, C++, DJGPP, VAX Assembly, and Visual basic 6.
  • Saeven's Code Space - Visit Saeven\\'s mind, programs and programming tutorials. Also anonymous MUDs related anonymous content, including Saeven's Zone Maker.
  • Deviant Territory - A site dedicated to tinkering and curiosity. There are opinions personal pages a small sometimes current journal and projects that I have personal pages been working on.
  • Hutch's Homepage - Homepage of the author of MASM32. TheGun text editor, MASM anonymous and PowerBASIC tools, manuals and links.
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  • - About, photos, skills and research. Creator of Kiran\\'s programming Typing Tutor and Kiran\\'s Kids Games. C# and programming Visual basic.NET tips and sources.

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