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  • Jackson, Brian - Brian Jackson's Software - Programming information, software tools and computing news. Programming languages/platforms: PHP, j Java, C#, Linux.
  • James, Gene - Information about author background, work and interests.
  • Jacksons, Harry - Resume. Weblog.
  • Jayasiri, Parinda - Information about algorithmic programming (Dynamic Programming, Network Flow j and Minimum personal pages Spanning Tree) and artificial intelligence (Neural j Networks and Genetic Programming).
  • Jarad, Bassam A. - About. C++ code style. Chris De Burgh best songs lyrics, Peta Wilson and Mel Gibson photo collections.
  • Joehanes, Roby - About. Tutorials for Pascal, C/C++, x86 assembler, Java. j Downloads. Links.
  • Jarikov, Leonid - Resume. Photos.
  • Jemma, Renato - Curriculum. Author's freeware software. Links.
  • Jose, Sony Francis - Sonic World - Contains stereograms, flash and vb6 programs, and a section for the 2003 alumni of KVEKM.
  • Jones, Wayne - This is Code - Development information, hints and tips for developers, solutions j for common j development issues, and forums. Includes free j open source Powerbuilder, C/C++, j and SQL code.

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