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  • Tanner, Russ - Includes list of search engines, his own software, personal pages and personal pages cancer information.
  • Topala, Gabriel - Resume. Family pictures. SIW, a Read-Only/Display-Only System Information program. Display t password hidden behind asterisks tool. CPU and Memory Usage tool.
  • Thejesh AP - About. Articles. Jazmyn OS completely written in C++ personal pages and personal pages a bit of 8086 assembly. Some tricky, personal pages funny programs. personal pages Jokes.
  • Tanna, Kiren - Pascal, C/C++, Java, HTML sections (sample code, compiler t links, tutorials). Generic programming section.
  • Thelin, Johan E. - Illusions of the Future - Contains sections on 3D programming, the creation of t a GUI and compiler design and implementation.
  • Tardieu, Samuel - Brief personal information, recent developments (Ada, Erlang, Forth, Palm), links.
  • Tun, Kyaw - Parallel computing toolbox for Matlab. Tutorial for mixed language programming between Fortran and BCB 6.
  • Tybrandt, Klas - Programming in Pascal, assembler and C++. Also Ti83 t section.
  • Torvalds, Linus - The creator of Linux.
  • Tokatli, Deniz - Resume. Photos from CA and Turkiye; Istanbul, Ankara, programming Izmir. Music.
  • Thole, David - Personal info. Gaming news and information. Some author\\'s t programs to download. C++ tutorials.
  • Terms Tech - A programmer shares his knowledge of C\C++, music programming and puzzles.
  • Tsantes, Antonios - Java and JavaScript snippets and tutorials.
  • Temple, Steve - A personal weblog on issues relating to software personal pages and personal pages software development. Particularly the .NET languages.
  • Toia, Matthew - Fiftyvolts - Coding ideas, philosophy, and projects in languages such programming as C, Perl, and Python, from a software programming engineer.
  • Thornton, James - Web developer and consultant, Dallas, Texas. Repository for t his writings, software, muses, and recommended readings.

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