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Large independent information technology testing organization. Provides hardware, software, e-commerce, internet and custom testing, government services, Multimedia Testing and Telecommunications Testing.

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  • Perseus Labs - Offers prototype, alpha and beta testing of servers, commercial services storage, programming networks and software. Includes details of services commercial services offered.
  • QaSignatue, Inc. - Writes automation code for software testing for companies programming who develop software. It also runs the automated programming tests as part of a quality assurance solution.
  • KeyScape Limited - Quality and performance testing specialists.
  • Oak Systems Pvt Ltd. - Independent Software Testing company based in Bangalore since programming 1998 with commercial services an office in Texas. ISO certified programming and has over 150 commercial services QA/testing specialists. Information on programming services, clients, projects, and job opportunities.
  • ParaSoft Corporation - Solutions for error-free software development in C/C++, Java, and HTML.
  • NCC Group - Testing of communication systems software, including WAP, CORBA, TMN, LNP, software testing LDAP test tools and services.
  • NVP Software Testing Inc. - A full-service software test management company, offering a range of consulting services, including planning, staffing, development, execution, evaluation, and automation.
  • Pstestware - Qualitative software testing in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Cybernet Slash Support (CSS) - Global business and technology solutions provider to enterprises, programming end-technology consumers software testing and independent software vendors.
  • NSTL, Inc. - Large independent information technology testing organization. Provides hardware, commercial services software, e-commerce, internet and custom testing, government services, commercial services Multimedia Testing and Telecommunications Testing.
  • Independent Test Services (ITS) Australia, Pty. Ltd. - Provides independent third party test services for clients developing and deploying business critical IT solutions.
  • Testronic Laboratories, Inc. - A worldwide service in manual functionality and compatibility testing of programming educational, entertainment, games and business softwareis offered from Pinewood Studios programming and central London, Burbank, California US, and Warsaw, Poland.
  • Cresta Group - Conducts functional and performance testing as well as software testing offering training, managed services, strategic consulting, and test software testing management products.
  • Quexst Associates - Third party testing manual and automation, test team software testing augmentation, software testing training testing groups services.
  • Quality Automation - Automated e-Business testing and monitoring solutions including software software testing development, functional test automation, end-user load simulation and software testing performance monitoring. [Ireland]
  • KeepCore - Provides software testing services, solutions and methodologies. Offers a PayPerBug commercial services service. [France]
  • Shunra Software - Develops testing and evaluation tools for internet and intranet based software testing network technologies and products. Allowing users to accurately evaluate Wide software testing Area Network (WAN) technologies.
  • Fisher Consulting Ltd. - Software testing consultancy in New Zealand offering specialist software testing software programming testing advice.
  • - Specialize in testing billing systems for cellular, telephone, commercial services and programming cable companies, as well as Internet service commercial services providers.
  • The University of Waikato Usability Laboratory - An academic group doing Usability testing and consulting
  • PriorIT - Provides software and web site testing on a software testing pay-per-bug software testing basis. [Belgium]
  • Iplex Technologies - Features electronic data interchange, electronic transactions, financial systems and security systems testing requirements.
  • QA Labs Inc. - Independent software testing outsource service provider in Canada programming and the US. Provides contract testing, test automation, programming and test planning services.
  • Bug Tracker - A multimedia applications testing lab, providing installation, compatibility, functionality, localization, programming and quality tests for software and video games.

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