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Sells robot kits, controllers, and accessories suitable for educational resource requirements and amateur robotics enthusiasts. Located in Somerset, United Kingdom.

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  • DIY Robotics - Supplier of robotic kits, components, and training for kits robot building robotics enthusiasts. Based in Berkshire, United Kingdom.
  • SuperDroid Robots - Autonomous modular robot kits based on OOPics. The kits are robotics modular and can be bought in different configurations.
  • SJL Robotics - Sells a servo-powered, tracked robot kit called the kits Traxxx that companies accepts a user-supplied microcontroller.
  • Snap Circuits - Educational electronics kits that provide reusable, snap together companies circuit components.
  • Hobbytron Robot Kits and Toys - Online store offering robot kits, electronic kits, and companies educational toys.
  • Robotics Parts - Robotics design research, control systems, mobile robot kits, companies electronics sensors, kits mechanical components suppliers, cad, cam, pcb companies design software, magazines, journals kits and tips.
  • Active Robots, Ltd. - Sells robot kits, controllers, and accessories suitable for kits educational resource companies requirements and amateur robotics enthusiasts. Located kits in Somerset, United Kingdom.
  • SCM International - Multiple robot kits including solar powered robots, hexapods, kits gripper arms, and educational kits. Based in Westfield, kits Wisconsin, United States.
  • Robot Objects - Manufactures platform kits for students and hobbyists; shop kits online for components, parts, or upgrade materials.
  • Pololu Electronics - Robotics kits and electronic parts.
  • Mecarobot Educational Robots - Educational Robots that combine electronics, robotics, mechanics and computers.
  • Rogue Robotics - Manufacturer of Rogue Blue robot kits and expansion companies kits, as well as SIMMSTICK products - Stamp companies Sticks and SimmBread Board.
  • - Distributor of robot kits, electronic kits, and other educational kits. Online store.
  • Budget Robotics - Provides several low-cost robot kits as well as specialized parts and supplies.
  • RoboSavvy KHR-1 Humanoid Robot Kit - 17DOF humanoid Robo-One robot kit. Website includes photos, technical details and assembly guide.
  • Joker Robotics - Developer, manufacturer, and distributor of mobile robot kits companies and components robotics for research and educational use. Based companies in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Robot Kits Direct - Online store offering a variety of beginner-level robot robotics kits.
  • The Robot Lab - Offers a wide variety of robot kits including BEAM, Cybug, Lego Mindstorms, Lynx, and other types. Robot arm kits are also offered.
  • The World of Robotics Online - Online store based Geelong, Victoria, Australia that stocks a range of kits and purpose built robots, including Movit, Elekit, Lego Mindstorms, Fischertechnic, Robotix, Logiblocs, Lynxmotion, Unimat, Basic Stamps, Beam, Cybug, CYE, Microrobot, OOPic, and

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