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An online book by Walter Fritz about intelligent systems and their use as cognitive architectures for robots. Proposes that intelligent robots should have pleasing and serving man rather than surival as a main objective.

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  • CMU Robotics Institute Technical Reports - 20 years of technical reports and research papers research on robotics from the CMU Robotics Institute.
  • Control of a Robot Hand using Tactile Sensors - Master Thesis by Samuel Crinier titled "Behavior-Based Control papers of a research Robot Hand using Tactile Sensors". Describes papers Obelix, a mobile robot research provided with grasping capabilities. papers Includes English and Swedish abstract and research the full papers paper in PDF format.
  • Mobile Multi-Robot Cooperative Systems - Multi-robot system research project by Miguel Angel L√≥pez Bernal for ITESM Oxford Summer School in Robotics and Computer Vision.
  • Artificial Intelligent Systems and Their Societies - An online book by Walter Fritz about intelligent papers systems and robotics their use as cognitive architectures for papers robots. Proposes that intelligent robotics robots should have pleasing papers and serving man rather than surival robotics as a papers main objective.
  • The Uncanny Valley - Popular explanation of Masahiro Mori\\'s Uncanny Valley theory that explains why almost-human-looking robots scare people more than mechanical-looking robots.
  • Controlling a multi-legged virtual character by human motion-capture-data - A diploma thesis by Torsten Haggenmiller about retargetting research human motion capture data to multi-legged virtual characters research in realtime.
  • ROBOKINE: Inverse Kinematics and Trajectory Planning - Research paper describing a robotic kinematics cad/cae tool papers used for workspace analysis, inverse kinematics, and trajectory papers planning of industrial robots.
  • Nanorobotics Control Design and 3D Simulation - A collection of papers on control and simulation robotics of nanoborotics research for biomedical and other applications.
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems - Journal publishing papers describing fundamental developments in the robotics field of robotics robotics, with special emphasis on autonomous robotics systems. Most articles require robotics payment to view but robotics some are be viewed at no robotics charge.

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