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A fictional Victorian-era robot created as a hoax. Include humorous historical photos and fictional accounts of the robot's exploits in World War I.

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  • Homer - An autonomous robotic project designed to explore its robotics surroundings with robots a 360 degrees field of vision. robotics Photographs, sub-system descriptions and robots parts lists.
  • NASA Robonaut Program - A NASA/DARPA research project that seeks to develop robots and demonstrate robots a robotic system that can function robots as an EVA astronaut robots equivalent. Subsystems list, a robots materials list, descriptions of the analysis robots tools and robots videos.
  • Alice - A miniature, autonomous robot powered by watch motors, computers watch batteries computers and a PIC microcontroller.[PDF]
  • Inkha - Home of Inkha, a robotic head capable of computers tracking objects robotics visually and emulating human facial expressions computers and reactions. Software robotics and hardware architecture descriptions, computers photos, videos, and an events schedule.
  • Boilerplate - A fictional Victorian-era robot created as a hoax. robots Include humorous historical photos and fictional accounts of robots the robot\'s exploits in World War I.
  • COG - A humanoid robot that attempts to approximate the robotics sensory and motor dynamics of the upper human robotics body, used by MIT to study human robot robotics interactions.
  • ASIMO - Official home page of Honda\\'s Humanoid Robot. Site includes a robots history of the robotics, photos, technology descriptions, and event information.
  • NEC PaPeRo Personal Robot - A prototype research robot designed to live with robotics humans at robots home as a partner. The robotics robot can recognize faces robots and navigate a typical robotics home.
  • The Official Stiquito Webpage - Information about the Stiquito Robot including how it works, and where you can purchase Stiquito books, kits, and supplies.
  • HERMES - A humanoid service robot developed by Bundeswehr University robotics in Munich, Germany. The robot is able to robotics explore unknown environments and perform transportation and manipulation robotics tasks in human-populated areas.
  • Shrimp - High-mobility rover with extended climbing abilities with pictures, MPEG videos, robots and a list of publications.
  • Phoenix Mobile Experimental Platform - A mobile autonomous robot platform designed for experimenting robots with CAROL which stands for Camera Based Adaptive robots Robot Navigation and Learning.
  • Kismet - A Robot designed to assist research into social interactions between robots robots and humans. Site has a publications list, photographs robots and videos, a research framework analysis and biographies of the robots project researchers.
  • Zaza - Zaza the autonomous Tech Museum robot with photographs, media coverage, maps of the museum, and technical information.
  • ARGO Project - A Linux based, autonomous robotic car developed by computers researchers at robotics the University of Parma in Italy. computers Site is in Italian robotics and English.
  • Omnibot - Information on the entire line of this robot robotics including details on getting service and parts.
  • MARVIN - An Autonomously Operating Flying Robot - Photographs, papers, a system overview, and press materials covering MARVIN robotics the Multi-purpose Aerial Robot Vehicle with Intelligent Navigation. robotics Site has details on its participation the annual International Aerial robotics Robotics Competition.

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