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The Spacecraft Markup Language (SML) provides a standardized representation of commands, telemetry, science data, and other information to be used in the development of space probes.

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  • UMBmark - The University of Michigan standard method for measuring, comparing, and computers correcting dead-reckoning errors in mobile robots.[PDF]
  • SensorML - XML-based Sensor Model Language for describing the geometric, standards dynamic, and radiometric properties of dynamic in-situ standards and remote sensors.
  • JAUS - The Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) is an initiative computers to develop an architecture for unmanned systems. It defines messages computers and component behaviors that are independent of technology, computer hardware, computers operator use, and vehicle platforms and
  • SML - The Spacecraft Markup Language (SML) provides a standardized standards representation of robotics commands, telemetry, science data, and other standards information to be used robotics in the development of standards space probes.
  • RoboML - The Robotic Markup Language is an XML-based language for data representation and interchange in robotic applications.
  • XRCL - The Extensible Robot Control Language (XRCL - pronounced zircle) is standards a relatively simple, modern language and environment designed to allow standards robotics researchers to share ideas by sharing code.[PDF]

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