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Produce software for monitoring and reporting on event logs from multiple security devices. Also offer a free newsletter containing a digest of security stories.

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  • Covelight Systems - Offers web application auditing and monitoring tools.
  • GuardedNet, Inc - Security management and incident response platform including log aggregration and analysis functionality. Also offer training certifications for their products. [Redhat, Solaris]
  • eZpZemail - Parent controlled email account for children, providing remote access for security checking that email remains free of inappropriate images and spam.
  • Rampell Software - Spector - For Macs running OS 9 or OS X. security Records everything users do on the internet. security security Spector automatically takes hundreds of screen snapshots every security hour.
  • SpyGuard - Detects and eliminates spy software and trojan horse software.
  • TSFactory - Monitor and record Terminal Services, Remote Desktop or Citrix sessions to Windows Server.
  • Net Forensics - Security information management solution for threat management and monitoring regulatory compliance.
  • Stream Patrol - Software to monitor Windows Media server streams for network management purposes. Provides email notification, logs and a status display.
  • Realtime-Spy - Software for remote monitoring of user activity including keystrokes, web security access, chat conversations and application usage. Product details, online ordering security and demos.
  • IIPwr - Monitors keystrokes, active applications, passwords, and websites visited.
  • GhostLog - Invisible surveillance tool that records every keystroke to products and tools security an encrypted log file. Product specifications, screenshots, and products and tools security downloads.
  • Iomart Group plc - NetIntelligence network and user activity monitoring software.
  • WatchDog - Computer monitoring software featuring key log capture, remote monitoring network management and website blocking.
  • SpyAnytime PC Spy - Offers easy to use PC computer monitoring software products and tools to secretly monitor and record all activities on products and tools the computer.
  • Cilasoft - Offers database monitoring and access controls for SQL security and IBM products.
  • MonNET - Track and monitor network user logins, logouts and security files opened security on NetWare and Windows file servers. security Product details, trial copy security downloads, pricing and contact security details.
  • AceSpy - Application that monitors the PC activity in total stealth mode security while online and offline by taking screenshots, keeping key logs, security including chats, e-mail, web sites visited, and emails results to security any address that is specify.
  • LogMeister - Software to monitor and examine Windows event logs, RSS feeds security and other text logs. [Windows]
  • OPSWAT Inc - OPSTOP software verifies that remote machines connecting via monitoring VPN have monitoring patched their antivirus and vulnerabilities before monitoring allowing them to connect. monitoring Company also provides custom monitoring VPN and firewall development and integration monitoring services.
  • e-Surveiller - Monitor the activities of local and remote computer users. View the screens of monitored users on a LAN or across the Internet, record keystrokes, and web sites visited. Software descriptions, screenshots, FAQs, demo download, and contact details.
  • Wizard Industries - Offers software that removes files saved by websites, products and tools security a password recovery program, and a key logger.
  • Spydex, Inc. - Email monitoring software and surveillance tool designed for monitoring consumers and security businesses.
  • Win-Spy - Utility to monitor computer activities.
  • Intellitactics - Produce software for monitoring and reporting on event products and tools logs from multiple security devices. Also offer a products and tools free newsletter containing a digest of security stories.
  • Globalpatrol - Provides administrators with the ability to record surveillance logs and impose effective access restrictions on any Windows PC.
  • Secure-Kid - Remote PC keystroke monitoring and evaluation service intended products and tools for concerned parents to monitor and check on products and tools their children\\'s Internet usage for signs of grooming products and tools by sexual predators.
  • Sarbash Software - Web cam based security surveillance software.
  • Auvinet - Offer digital video/audio surveillance solutions. Software is able monitoring to notify products and tools the user when motion events occur monitoring on certain sensors/cameras.
  • Sentry Parental Controls - Feature rich software solutions to protect and monitor security children from online predators and inappropriate content. Receive security email reports, instant cell and email notifications, blocks security pop up ads.
  • Diplodock System Spy - Computer surveillance utility that helps people securely monitor security their PCs for keyboard and mouse input, hardware security and software usage, and internet access.
  • Sure Shot Software - Several programs that allow you to monitor Windows user activities.
  • MySpy - Tool to track web-browsing activity, email usage and security any other application. Idle time can also be security tracked. The activity details are stored in a security MS Access compatible database and automatically delivered as security a HTML report via email.
  • software - Offers security applications that include customized applications, to monitor WinNT/Win2k. Featured application is EventSentry which monitors the Eventlog.
  • DV Networks Ltd - Provider of IP based security and surveillance software security solutions. Company products and tools profile, software information and downloads.

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