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Password programs, utilities, and files - crack, solve, and recover passwords to open Word documents, Excel workbooks, and other protected files.

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  • - Web based Excel password recovery service. Privacy policy, products and tools password recovery service explanation and contact information.
  • Thegrideon Software - Software for recovering passwords on various Microsoft and products and tools password recovery Lotus data files, and for file encryption.
  • IRG - Qpass - Add-on program for QuickBooks to open QB files password recovery without password recovery knowing the password.
  • LCP - Password recovery tool for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.
  • Russian Password Crackers - A comparative site with mostly free password crackers with benchmarks (popular software including archives, office programs, file encryptors, OS, internet passwords supported).
  • Crak - Password recovery software for business applications. Access, Excel, products and tools password recovery Money, Word, WordPerfect, QuickBooks, others. PIDView removes Office products and tools password recovery document ids.
  • Critical Recovery - Data recovery and password removal services for all password recovery versions of QuickBooks files.
  • AccentSoft Utilities - Password recovery tools for Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, security Microsoft Word, password recovery and Microsoft Money.
  • Forensic Ideas - Freeware utility to decrypt and display information in Windows protected storage area.
  • Lepton's Crack - A generic password cracker, easily customizable with a products and tools simple plug-in system.
  • PWFinder - Offering password recovery services for MS Office, PDF password recovery and products and tools various compressed file formats. Service details, privacy password recovery policy and products and tools contact information.
  • RAR Password Cracker - Program to recover (crack) forgotten RAR/WinRAR passwords.
  • - Password recovery software for Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, products and tools products and tools and Quicken.
  • Elcomsoft - Password recovery software. Recover lost write-protection and book/sheet password recovery passwords products and tools instantly; "brute-force" and dictionary-based attacks can be password recovery customized.
  • Medussa - A distributed password cracking tool for LAN environments password recovery supporting password recovery a multitude of hashing algorihms.
  • MS Access security. - Access Security And Passwords.
  • Decryptum - Online password recovery service for Word and Excel password recovery files.
  • Recovery UK - Password recovery service Access (both database and user passwords), Act!, MS Backup, Lotus Organizer, MS Money, Outlook, Quicken, Schedule+, VBA Macros, Excel, Word, and Zip/WinZip.
  • Paraben's Decryption Collection - Recovery suite that recovers lost passwords for over thirty applications. Product specifications, screenshots, and downloads.
  • Lastbit - LastBit Software: password recovery and security-related utilities, custom security programming and consulting service.
  • Password Crackers, Inc. - Homepage of Password Crackers, Inc. providers of Password Recovery Services.
  • Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor - Utility for recovering lost passwords for ZIP archives.
  • Alpine Snow - Alpine Snow provides various types of easy-to-use spying, monitoring, and password recovery password recovery tools for popular Windows programs.
  • E-Tech Canada - Specializing in password recovery solutions for most applications products and tools password recovery including Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Winzip, and Server Operating products and tools password recovery Systems, application deployment, network security, and network performance.
  • - Crack Word, Excel, Access, VBA, Zip, WinZip, Money security and Outlook products and tools password protection.
  • Password Portal - A Directory of password recovery and related sites including data products and tools recovery, computer forensics and data backup sites.
  • Password Solutions - Password programs, utilities, and files - crack, solve, security and recover passwords to open Word documents, Excel security workbooks, and other protected files.
  • AccessData - Password recovery for Word, Excel, Lotus, Access, NT security and other products and tools word processor, database, spreadsheet and financial security programs.
  • VDG Software - Software to crack passwords on Word, Excel, Zip security and ARJ password recovery files.
  • HXTT Password Recovery for MS Access - Recovers database file passwords for MS Access versions security 95, 97, security 2000, XP, 2002 and 2003. [Freeware]
  • Mastermen Pty Ltd. - Word and Excel password recovery service and software security downloads with password recovery reviews.
  • Recovery Solutions - Password recovery kit for popular software.
  • Password-Service - Recover passwords for Access, Outlook, Word, Excel, Project, password recovery ACT!, products and tools Peachtree, MYOB and others.
  • Ultimate ZIP Cracker - Restore lost ZIP, ARJ, MS-Word and MS-Excel passwords.

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