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Permanent asset tags with a disfiguring tattoo, recovery and inventory management software, and security cables for laptops, PDAs and other portable office equipment.

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  • Innovative Security Products Inc. - Cables and locks to secure computers and other security office equipment security against theft.
  • Flexysafe - Safes to secure laptops, media and documents in cars, offices products and tools and hotels.
  • Pawaa Software - Supplier of SecureCARE software for data leak prevention. Enforces IT policies and compliance requirements by monitoring and controlling data transfers.
  • Compu-Gard Inc. - Manufacturer of computer hardware protection and anti-theft devices including security enclosures for iMacs, single or multiple laptops, cables and pads.
  • zTrace Technologies - Stealthy software to track and help locate stolen tracking, prevention and tracking, prevention and recovery recovery laptops, delete or encrypt data and track assets.
  • Compucage - Security clamps to protect laptops and desktops from security theft.
  • Absolute Software - Tracking software to aid recovery of lost or security stolen computers. Also software for hardware/software inventory and security software license management.
  • Security Solutions of Canada Inc. - Cable locks, cages and alarms to secure computers, plus a products and tools system to release smoke into a shop or room, stopping products and tools thieves from seeing what they are stealing.
  • Anchor Pad International - Manufactures cables, plates, and entrapments for securing any computer.
  • Hard Steal Security Corp. - Hardware cages, desk hangers, bolts and locks to secure computers against theft.
  • Compulock Pty Ltd. - Security enclosures, cables and locks for notebooks, desktops, iMacs, monitors, products and tools projectors etc.
  • ComputerProx Corp. - An ultrasonic sensor, pressure mat, wireless door sensor or key tracking, prevention and recovery fob automatically sends logoff, screenlock or other commands to the tracking, prevention and recovery PC when the user moves away.
  • World Computer Security Corp - Fiber-optic security system to detect unauthorized removal of products and tools protected equipment and sound the alarm, plus other products and tools physical security products for computers.
  • Amtron - Custom security enclosures for PCs and network servers, tracking, prevention and products and tools recovery which can be secured to the floor, wall tracking, prevention products and tools and recovery or desk.
  • Lyndon Lock - Cables, clamps, enclosures and other means of securing security PC equipment security against theft.
  • D&D Security Resources, Inc. - Anti-theft cables, locks, carts, safes, warning signs and tracking, prevention and tracking, prevention and recovery recovery stickers to protect desktops, laptops and other office tracking, prevention tracking, prevention and recovery and recovery equipment.
  • TECHNALOCK Computer Security - Security cables to protect laptops, desktops, monitors and products and tools products and tools other office equipment (even staplers) from theft. products and tools products and tools Also USB proximity devices to lock the PC products and tools products and tools automatically when the user walks away.
  • Brigadoon Software, Inc. - Stealthy software that facilitates tracking and recovery of security stolen PCs products and tools or Macs by sending their location security details to predefined email products and tools addresses.
  • Tryten - Manufacturer of cable locks and cabinets to secure IT systems, security laptops, projectors etc. against theft.
  • Philadelphia Security Products - Cables to secure laptops, desktops, audio-visual equipment and remote controls security against theft.
  • CyberAngel Security Solutions Inc. - PC tracking and recovery software with encryption to products and tools tracking, prevention and recovery protect data on lost or stolen computers.
  • SecuMate - Supplier of security cables and locks with master products and tools tracking, prevention and recovery keys for Kensington slots on laptops, screens and products and tools tracking, prevention and recovery desktops.
  • Computer Security Products Inc. - Theft prevention products for desktops, laptops and projectors security including security cables, clamps, enclosures, asset tags and security alarms.
  • Tufnut Works - Cable locks to secure computer systems, audiovisual equipment, keyboards, mice etc.
  • XTool Mobile Security, Inc. - Security software for tracking, encryption, remote data deletion and auditing for laptops.
  • Pioneer Lock Corporation - Cable locks and enclosures for laptops and desktops security plus security security clamps to lock mobile radios into security vehicles.
  • BAK2u Pte Ltd. - Singaporean supplier of asset tracking software and owner security tags security to identify and hopefully recover stolen security laptops, PDAs and mobile security phones.
  • WestinTech - GadgetTrak provides theft recovery software for a range of devices products and tools including laptops, cell phones, mp3 players, flash drives, and digital products and tools cameras.
  • Barracuda Security Devices International Inc. - Internal expansion card using motion, light and tamper security detection to trigger the alarm if the protected security PC is removed or opened without authorization.
  • NUVEX Inc. - PC cable locks, laptop storage carts, drive locks, alarms and plate and enclosure systems, plus theft recovery software.
  • Secure-It Inc. - Products for physically securing computers including alarms, video security recorders, a products and tools portable laptop safe for the beach, security GPS tracker and monitor products and tools privacy filters.
  • STOP Security Tracking of Office Property - Permanent asset tags with a disfiguring tattoo, recovery products and tools and inventory management software, and security cables for products and tools laptops, PDAs and other portable office equipment.
  • Compusafe - PC enclosures for theft and environmental protection, and kiosks.
  • INCO Computer Security - Security cages, cables and mountings to protect PCs, Macs, printers, screens and projectors against theft.
  • Doro Inc. - Computer security products including anti-theft cables, telephone encryption, tracking, prevention and recovery emergency evacuation signage, and biometrics.
  • Armagard - Manufacturer of specialist PC enclosures for harsh environments and theft security protection.
  • PC PhoneHome - Theft protection recovery software for laptops and PCs.
  • Heintz Technologies - Brackets and arms to secure laptop computers to products and tools tracking, prevention and recovery the desk in the open position, and security products and tools tracking, prevention and recovery enclosures for desktop computers.
  • Segull Security Systems, Inc. - Hardware to secure computer equipment against theft.
  • Autosafe International Limited - A secure metal box that, once attached to your vehicle, prevents theft of valuables such as laptop computers and mobile phones.

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