Financial Industry Specific Accounting Software

Developer of property preservation software for field contractors working in the mortgage servicing industry. Includes screenshots, pricing and support details.

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  • Microgen - Develops and supports the 4Series line of software financial systems for financial trust accounting, fund management, and private financial banking.
  • Euraplan - Developer of investment and pension accounting software. Features accounting company history financial and contact details.
  • Programs to check interest calculations - Software programs that check the banks have correctly accounting charged interest industry specific and fees for home loans, and accounting overdrafts.
  • IRIS Software - Provides integrated application software for professional accountancy practices and finance financial professionals.
  • Bank - Offers utility which integrated with bank and accounting industry specific programs. Includes download, support and corporate information.
  • Laser App Software - Offers interactive form printing software for independent financial accounting advisors. Includes financial prices, screenshots and purchase information.
  • Black-Scholes - Stock Options Auto-Valuation Model is designed for MS Excel, to assist companies in calculating the estimated fair value of employee stock options and similar awards.
  • Infinity Softworks - Developer of financial software for handheld computers. Features online demo, company profile and contact details.
  • Trackitsoft, Inc. - Loan management, servicing, tracking and collection software
  • Sound Software - Offers mortgage department automation and loan origination accounting industry specific software. Includes product demos, press releases and contact industry specific details.
  • NaviPlan - EISI - Offers online and desktop financial planning tools for accounting independent advisors and fee-based planners.
  • IPS-Sendero - Offers bank software and support services including asset industry specific and financial liability management and profitability analysis.
  • QuikDraw - Offering software for payday loan and check cashing financial industry. accounting Features include collection, loan management, electronic financial funds transfer and reporting.
  • Lincoln Data - Cross-platform software for servicing seller-financed loans, contract and financial escrow collections.
  • Distinctive Solutions - Provides factoring and accounting software systems.
  • iDC - Develops and implements fund accounting software for government and non-profit financial organizations.
  • East Point Systems - Developer of property preservation software for field contractors accounting working in accounting the mortgage servicing industry. Includes screenshots, accounting pricing and support details.
  • Cornerstone Software - Developers of EaglePro lease accounting software offers company accounting profile, contact industry specific and support information.
  • CQ Systems - Provides financial systems to the European leasing and asset, motor and consumer finance industries.
  • WinFactor - Offers invoice tracking software specifically for factoring companies. financial Lists features, industry specific pricing and updates.
  • AccuTech Systems Corporation - Provides trust and investment management accounting software. Includes accounting product descriptions and contact information.
  • PCFS 2000 - Developers of SBA loan accounting software to streamline all aspects industry specific of loan servicing.
  • ProCognis - Developer of financial reporting software for SEC registrants.
  • SIC - The suite is a collection of modules developed accounting for private financial banking institutes, fund administrators and portfolio accounting managers.
  • Escrow Manager - Financial software offering accounting functions, deposit management and accounting security tracking.
  • PROM Software Inc - Handheld and PC software products and development tools financial for the accounting financial and insurance industries. Home financial of the LeaseMaker(tm) and accounting LoanMaker(tm) products.
  • HPD Software - Designs and develops software for the factoring and asset based finance marketplace.
  • Bottom Line Software - Publisher of software for small to medium size accounting lenders. Sample industry specific screens, reports and demo systems.
  • Financial Software Systems - Creator of Spectrum, a front-office and back-office treasury accounting system that supports the trading of foreign exchange accounting and interest rate instruments.
  • StatPro - Fund performance reporting and measurement software solutions for asset managers financial including internal control, sales support and marketing information.
  • Delta Data Trust - Offers trust accounting software for small trust departments, accounting law firms industry specific and community banks.
  • NoteSmith - Offers loan servicing software for investors, loan companies, accounting and not-for-profit financial organizations. Includes sample reports and slide accounting show demo.
  • Dominion Leasing Software - Provider of lease management software and services for industry specific the equipment and vehicle leasing industry. Runs industry specific on Windows.

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