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The :CueCat is a classic example of a broken business model. One can no longer (if, indeed, one ever could) put out a piece of hardware with the expectation that people will not seek to improve its operation with new software. [Linux Weekly News]

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  • CueCat Goes After Online Barcode Database - Just noted that CueCat is going for this year\\'s Useless cuecat Legal Action Beanie by going after, a site that cuecat is storing UPC codes and allows people to look them cuecat up. [Slashdot]
  • :CluelessCat? - Thanks to a (previously) little-known company called "Digital software Convergence," we bar code now have our latest attack on software the right to program. bar code [Linux Weekly News]
  • CueCat At It Again - Report and discussion on EULA change and legal conflict. [Slashdot]
  • A scanner darkly - Can Wired\\'s CueCat giveaway turn us into a software nation of cuecat bar-code-reading clerks? By Scott Rosenberg []
  • CueCat PAM Module for Linux - The pam_cuecat module reads decoded bar codes from cuecat /dev/scanners/cuecat, looks up the username:barcode_type:barcode line in /etc/cuecatpasswd, cuecat and returns whether or not this user has cuecat been authenticated.
  • Will privacy kill the CueCat? - Concerns about its data-collection practices threaten Digital:Convergence\\'s plans bar code to roll out 50 million of the bar-code bar code scanners by 2002. [ZDNet]
  • Here's a Digit for You - [Dallas Observer]
  • Digital Convergence Changes EULA, and Gets Cracked - Apparently Digital Convergence has changed their EULA. This software EULA has cuecat been modified to include the CueCat software reader in an attempt cuecat to shutdown those tinkering software with their cats. [Slashdot]
  • Killing your Cat -- Your Guide to Catricide - A humorous protest of Digital Convergence\\'s CueCat product bar code featuring bar code satirical parodies of ads and their license bar code agreement plus bar code alternate uses/gratuitous destruction of the controversial bar code barcode scanner.
  • Barcode Maker Responds After Forcing Drivers Offline - Digital Convergence responds to the flak that they\\'ve taken after demanding that several developers take drivers offline that work with their "CueCat" barcode reader. [Slashdot]
  • CueCat Rollout Proceeds Amid Debate - Bar codes for Internet scanners called CueCats made cuecat their latest bar code debut in print Sunday in The cuecat Dallas Morning News, even bar code as the creators of cuecat this new technology grapple with concerns bar code about privacy cuecat and ease of use. [Washington Post]
  • More on the :CueCat - The :CueCat is a classic example of a software broken business software model. One can no longer (if, software indeed, one ever could) software put out a piece software of hardware with the expectation that software people will software not seek to improve its operation with new software software software. [Linux Weekly News]
  • Privacy Concerns and The CueCat - About the serial number and how to remove it. [Slashdot]

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