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Freeware - A dependency generator that analyzes C/C++ source code and generates a dependency file for inclusion into traditional makefiles.

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  • Smart Makefile Now - Codefast - Smart makefile, perlfile, and antfile generators for software software processes, including software builds. Features collections, dependency scanning, a knowledge software base, makefiles for parallel builds, multiple platforms.
  • Makedep - Freeware - A dependency generator that analyzes C/C++ software source code makefile generators and generates a dependency file for software inclusion into traditional makefiles.
  • MPC - Object Computing Inc - A Makefile and Project file Creator program that generates Make-specific makefiles or visual studio project files from platform-independent build files and template files.
  • Makedepend - Freeware - A dependency generator for C/C++ code used by Imake from the X11 distribution. Can be used without Imake to generate makefile dependency files.
  • Bakefile - Freeware - Generates traditional makefiles from compiler-independent build software tasks. Features optional outputs of files for software autoconf, makefiles for vcc/bcc compilers, and use on software wxWindows new build system.
  • Makeit - Freeware - Generates GNU Makefiles for C/C++ projects, featuring dependency scanning and variant compilation support. Part of the OSE application development framework.
  • Imake - Freeware - Generates traditional makefiles by using the software CPP preprocessor software and makedepend programs to assemble makefiles software from templates and Imakefile software control files. From software the MIT X11 project.
  • GNU Automake - Freeware - Generates files from input makefile generators files, as part of the official GNU coding makefile generators standards and build process. Requires GNU autoconf.

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