Credit and Collection Business Software

Offers a credit server based software engine that makes it possible for Internet and in-house business systems to integrate credit report data from any of the three national credit repositories.

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See Also:
  • CR Software, Inc. - Develops software solutions for the collections and credit business industries.
  • Howland International, Inc. - Offers credit and receivables software to used car software dealers and software loan specialists.
  • The Service Bureau, LLC - Provider of Metro 2 software for reporting consumer software account information to major credit reporting agencies.
  • Jim Hubbard & Associates, Inc. - Debt collection software for law firms, collection agencies credit and collection business and in-house corporate collection departments.
  • The ClearStar Network - Provides software services and Internet sites to pre-employment software screening, tenant business screening and background investigation companies.
  • Data-Tel Info Solutions - Offering Caesar debt collection management software.
  • Roydan Enterprises, Ltd. - Developers of Bloodhound collection management software, which includes software features such software as predictive dialers and check verification.
  • Credit Management Solutions, Inc. - Develops and provides software solutions and services, including credit and collection credit and collection a software-based online network, for automating consumer and credit and collection credit and collection small business credit analysis, decisioning and funding processes. credit and collection credit and collection (Nasdaq: CMSS).
  • Efinance Corporation - Enables the real-time completion of online credit applications for financial business institutions, vendors and manufacturers.
  • JS Technologies, Inc. - Collect-Max debt collection software for law offices.
  • Chase Credit Systems and Research - Provides Internet-based solutions for credit reporting agencies.
  • Comtech Systems, Inc. - Collect! software designed for collection agencies and credit credit and collection credit and collection management.
  • CyberResources Corporation - Produces CyberFinancial credit collection software.
  • Collection Data Systems - Windows and Oracle software for collection agencies.
  • Fermat - Paris, France based firm offers risk monitoring and software control tools credit and collection for financial services companies.
  • Hutchins Systems - Offers Credit Time 2000 software used for submitting business credit information software to the major credit bureaus.
  • MERit Credit Systems, Inc. - Offers a credit server based software engine that credit and collection makes it possible for Internet and in-house business credit and collection systems to integrate credit report data from any credit and collection of the three national credit repositories.
  • Teledata Communications, Inc. - Manufactures terminals and Windows software to access credit software bureau reports.
  • RZ Designs Software, Inc. - Produces Collections Management software as well as custom credit and collection software solutions.
  • ISI of Lisle - Automated credit and collection software for commercial, retail, medical and third party collections.
  • Credit Strategy - Offers a means of customizing and configuring Microsoft software Access for business use as credit management and collections software software.
  • Intelligent Banking Solutions, Inc. - Produces Windows based Collections Management System and Asset Recovery business Manager software packages to automate collection and banking processes.
  • Starmark Solutions - Resellers of client/server, Intranet and Internet debt collection and legal recoveries software applications for PC based networks.
  • Accelerated Data Systems, Inc. - AdvantEdge software designed and developed by bill collectors.
  • Educational Computer Systems, Inc. - Produces a PC based student loan billing, collection business and accounting system.
  • Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. - Offers credit bureau access and credit decisions via software the Internet. Products such as Credit Bureau Simulator, software Summary Attributes, MegaMerge, and the Internet-based CreditAnalystTM.
  • Adtec Software Ltd - Suppliers of software to the debt collection industry. Providing debt business collection, credit management and on-line services software.
  • MicroBilt Corporation - Windows based software for credit report retrieval.
  • Austin Logistics - Develops productivity solutions for collections, marketing and risk credit and collection credit and collection management.
  • Imagination Technologies, Inc. - Provides software used in pre-employment screening, tenant screening credit and collection , background investigations and skiptracing.
  • DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. - Debt recovery software for collection agencies, medical facilities, software utilities, and credit and collection credit bureaus.
  • Uni-Source 2000, Inc. - Credit collection and recovery software for collection agencies business and financial institutions.
  • Asset RMS - Provides a web-based collection system.
  • Quantrax Corporation, Inc. - Maker of Intelec, an AS/400 based artificial intelligence debt collection software package.
  • Comtronic Systems - Provider of Debtmaster software solutions for the debt business collection industry.
  • Ontario Systems Corporation - Offers debt collection software, predictive dialers and document software management systems.
  • Better Business Partners, Inc. - Produces Credit Vision software which allows credit reporting credit and collection agencies to process one, two or three bureau credit and collection merged credit reports.
  • Merit Systems, Inc. - Sells Creditbase software that allows businesses to access credit and collection credit reports.
  • Mani Systems, LLC - Software solutions firm specializing in credit processing systems.
  • Collection Works - Windows based debt collection software for collection agencies, software banks or retail.
  • CreditSoft - Provides debt consolidation and management software systems for software credit counseling credit and collection agencies.
  • Affirmative Technologies, Inc. - Produces software to electronically collect NSF checks through software the ACH.
  • Profitera - Offers enterprise collections and revenue recovery, bad debt credit and collection management, legal and agency management and risk and credit and collection scoring analysis solutions.
  • GETPAID Corporation - Provides credit collection and deductions management software.
  • Secure Credit Server - Allows access to credit bureau data via the business Internet.
  • Advantage Credit - Provides custom software to banks and mortgage brokers for the software purpose of creating in-file, merged and mortgage credit reports.
  • Compiforce, Ltd. - Debt collection and litigation software for debt collectors, bailiffs, enquiry agents and credit controllers.
  • Lonestar Turnkey Systems, Ltd. - Provider of leading edge WinDebt software for the credit and business collection industry.
  •, Inc. - Delivers credit risk management and collections software and software services to Fortune 1000 companies and financial institutions.
  • Columbia Ultimate - Products and services that collection agencies, retail businesses, credit and collection business government agencies, insurance providers and medical facilities use credit and collection business to recapture revenue.
  • Credit Runner, Inc. - Provides businesses with a secure gateway to access consumer credit business information via the Internet.
  • Predator Credit Management Software - Provides software for credit management and debt collection business throughout Europe. business Site is available in several languages.
  • System Innovators - Provides payment collection software for utilities and government.

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