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EZ-Care2 software for preschool and center management with attendance, ledgers, email and mail invoicing, credit card and echeck processing. Includes request for free demo.

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  • Jackrabbit Class - Browser-based software tracks students, classes, enrollment, billing and small business accounts small business receivables.
  • Orgamation iCare - Organizes childcare centers\\' operations with time and attendance daycare tracking, billing, daycare scheduling, staffing needs, accounting, financials, food daycare program, waiting lists, children daycare and staff review tools.
  • The Pre-School Partner - Childcare, daycare and preschool center management software for business the daily administration of preschool and daycare centers.
  • OLM Systems Limited - Provides client centered software, consultancy and training services.
  • Pinnacle Software - Operations software for childcare or daycare centers. Free demo available.
  • QikKids Software - Australian Childcare Management Software for Long Day Care, daycare Outside School daycare Hours Care, Occasional and Family Day daycare Care
  • SchoolLeader Management System - Software to help childcare businesses organize and audit daycare client accounts, daycare operational expenses and perform other managerial daycare tasks.
  • SofterWare, Inc. - EZ-Care2 software for preschool and center management with attendance, ledgers, business email and mail invoicing, credit card and echeck processing. Includes business request for free demo.
  • Care Touch - The Garde Plus software was created in order to assist daycare services in their daily functions by providing them with a tool to facilitate administration and coordination.
  • Remarkable Systems - Includes billing, attendance, staff management, menu builder, easy business reports, quick daycare books link and more package. business Web-based version now available daycare with ability to register business online.
  • Controltec, Inc. - Software development expertise in subsidized childcare programs, including KinderTrack, KinderWait business that consolidates childcare waiting lists and CenterTrack for childcare center business management.
  • Kinderstreet - Internet applications for childcare centers, before and afterschool small business programs, and camps. Manage billing, communicate with parents small business online and complete government or grant reporting.
  • Childcare Sage - Childcare and preschool management software includes record keeping, billing, scheduling, small business time management and accounting.
  • Office Center Version 3.0 - Childcare management software that offers toll free technical business support and a 90 day guarantee.
  • Childminding Accounts - Free package for independent childminders to help track small business accounts.
  • Childcare Seekers, Inc. - Software that provides a way to manage your in-home daycare or daycare center.
  • Focus Technology Solutions Inc. - Create children\\'s records, class schedules, transportation schedules, maintain daycare student personal small business and medical information, store photos, and daycare automated billing with accounting small business software integration.
  • SDS Software - Software packages for center and home-based daycare programs. Free business Demo Download.
  • - Canadian company provides video linkage for centers to involve parents daycare in the day care process.
  • Maggey Software - Client and Child Information including Alternate Pick up business Information and Non Custodial Parent Information with many business reporting options.
  • OakTree Nursery School Manager - Program to assist running a nursery school. Trial download available.
  • Youthstar - An after school program management system for attendance daycare and data small business management of any extended hours programs daycare run by schools, recreation small business facilities, etc.
  • WatchMeGrow - Offers streaming video products developed for use in childcare centers, daycare to allow families to view their children online.
  • Childcare Office Pro - Windows compatible childcare management software with network functionality. business Demo download daycare available.
  • ScholarCare Management System - Web based child care administration system. Include parent login functionality.
  • KidsONE - Childcare and Dance Studio management tools. View screen shots and pricing information. Windows compatible.
  • SMART 2004 - Childcare management program specifically designed for Canadian centres. It includes daycare accounting and payroll.
  • TRA Inc. School Software Solutions - Daycare financial management systems and activity fund accounting daycare software By daycare TRA.
  • Parenta - Nursery management software with fee planner and payroll.
  • Personalized Software - Contact management and accounting software for childcare. Tracks parent and child, employee, time and attendance, Payroll and CACFP Information.
  • MapleSoft Enterprises - DayCare 2000 handles child attendance, child accounts, scheduling, pay bills, run payroll, track staff and create reports. Free download available.
  • Vertical Dimensions, Inc. - Software solutions for home, group home, drop in small business and small business daycare centers. Features include payroll and small business time clock.
  • DayCare Office - Software for daycare providers to help manage the daycare children and business bill the families. Currently in daycare Beta Testing.
  • Future Blocks Information Systems - Australian Child Care Management System. Includes Long Day Care, Out business of School Hours, Family Day Care and Occasional Care. Uses business new government CCMS claim method for CCB.
  • ProCare Software - For management of childcare centers, daycare, preschool and business after school programs. Manages administrative tasks from accounting business to meal planning to time and attendance tracking. business Demo available.
  • Daycare Works - An online software suite for childcare and before/after daycare school programs. Track and manage billing, government forms daycare and communications with families.
  • Child2Care - A web portal that provides daycares and preschools with an small business integrated system to manage relationships, events, news, files and pictures small business between the administrators, teachers and families.
  • KinderSoft - Manages nursery bookings and waiting lists, provides forecast of population levels, automates invoicing procedures. Trail download and online tour available.
  • Minute Menu - Provides business management software for child and adult small business care small business food programs CACFP, Child care billing software small business and much small business more.
  • Home Daycare Plus - Management software that manages and tracks children, schedules, small business attendance, meals, immunizations, customers, billing
  • Infocare Management - Centre management software that conforms to current New business Zealand Ministry daycare of Education requirements. Available in business stand-alone or networked versions.

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