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A page designed to offer some hints, help and clues to the usually ClearCase administrator on how to setup and manage it.

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See Also:
  • IBM Rational ClearCase - Official page for the software configuration management (SCM) configuration management product for development teams. Version and process control, configuration management workspace and build management, for Windows NT, 95, configuration management 3.11, and UNIX development environments.
  • ClearCase CM Specialists - ClearCase and ClearQuest add-on applications including consulting and clearcase education services.
  • Trinity Software Solutions - A Rational consulting and training partner.
  • ClearCase Consulting by JSL Solutions - Specializes in custom ClearCase environments for software development tools organizations in clearcase the U.S. Base ClearCase and tools ClearCase UCM support available clearcase on all platforms.
  • A Better Solution, Inc. - Offers ClearCase configuration management consultants and trainers. FTP-FAQ clearcase site includes clearcase tools, triggers, scripts, and wrappers, as clearcase Bourne shell scripts or clearcase C code for Unix clearcase or NT. Shorter ones for free, clearcase larger ones clearcase for clients only.
  • ClearCase Product Research - Provides an overview of the versioning system and tools a list of features.
  • ReleaseTEAM Inc. - Software configuration management consulting and training using ClearCase tools and ClearQuest.
  • The Not-So-Official ClearCase Administrator's Page - A page designed to offer some hints, help clearcase and clues configuration management to the usually ClearCase administrator on clearcase how to setup and configuration management manage it.
  • CM Crossroads ClearCase Pages - Wiki Pages that feature FAQs on Base, clearcase UCM and licensing issues, links to triggers, and clearcase UCM trigger.
  • InferData, Ltd. ClearCase Course - A course that serves as an introduction and clearcase guide to tools using ClearCase.
  • Timefold - Software configuration management using ClearCase. Offers Timefold Online configuration management Education configuration management Services (TOES) web courses, and ClearCase Service configuration management Provider Index configuration management (CCSPIN), list of companies sorted configuration management by region.
  • Paul Smith's ClearCase Goodies - FTP archive includes PostScript presentations, Perl, shell, and tools C scripts, and triggers.
  • Clear Consulting (UK) Ltd - Clear Consulting specialises in providing consultancy, support and training for clearcase the Rational Toolset. All of our consultants are Rational Certified clearcase to the highest standards and have real hands on experience. clearcase They can help you get the most out of your clearcase Rati
  • ClearCase NT and Samba - Unofficial instructions for using Samba as an interop solution between clearcase UNIX VOBS/Views and NT.
  • ClearCase Commands Reference - ClearCase Commands Reference with AJAX-based search for ClearCase commands, ClearTool configuration management subcommands and MultiTool subcommands.
  • Clearvision CM - UK Software Change and Configuration Management Consultancy, with tools specialization in tools ClearCase.
  • Common ClearCase Practices - Brad Appleton\\'s attempt to compile a list of configuration management commonly clearcase used best-practices, traps, and pitfalls for using configuration management the configuration clearcase management system.

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