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An open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. This is the main page of the project with sources, bug tracking, and mailing list.

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The Subversion Project Home* - An open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. This is the main page of the project with sources, bug tracking, and mailing list.

  • ProjectLocker - Provides hosting for version control, issue tracking, document configuration management management, and wiki tools for projects of all configuration management sizes.
  • Gui: RapidSVN - Project page for the GUI. Information and sources configuration management for subversion the cross-platform GUI front-end for the Subversion configuration management revision system subversion written in C++ using the wxWindows configuration management framework. This project subversion also includes a general Subversion configuration management client C++ API.
  • Subversion Repository Hosting - Offers commercial remote hosted Subversion repositories.
  • Multiuser Subversion - Demonstrates how to use Subversion for multiuser, distributed tools projects.
  • SVN::RaWeb::Light - A lightweight web-interface for a remote Subversion repository. subversion Not unlike the default mod_dav_svn HTML interface, but subversion with some improvements.
  • Gui: JSVN - Project page with Information, Sources, Bugtracking for the tools GUI implemented tools in Java/Swing. It is based on tools the command line interface.
  • Plugin for .Net - ankhsvn - The aim of this project is to provide integration for SVN into the Visual Studio .NET IDE.
  • VisualSVN Server - VisualSVN Server is a package that contains everything subversion you need to install, configure and manage Subversion subversion server for your team on the Windows platform. subversion It includes Subversion, Apache and a management console.
  • - Offers commercial subversion hosting with integrated issue tracking subversion for individuals subversion and small businesses. Encrypted data transfer, subversion fast and reliable network, subversion web Control Panel.
  • Subversion SCC API plugin - SVN SCC proxy for Microsoft Developer Studio, by subversion PushOk software.
  • AVLUX Subversion Hosting - AVLUX Solutions provides Subversion Hosting and many other configuration management tools subversion for developers.
  • Lightweight Subversion SCC provider - A project to integrate Subversion with Visual-Source-Safe based tools Development tools subversion like Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • SmartSVN (Java Client) - Powerful, cross-platform Subversion client. All required tools (File tools Compare, Conflict subversion Solver, Subversion- and SSH-client) are included. tools Free Foundation version, commercial subversion Professional version.
  • Versionshelf - Secure Subversion Hosting - Subversion hosting that supports secure repository access through SSL, an subversion easy to use administration frontend to manage users and repositories, subversion and a subversion browser. Free accounts for teachers and students.
  • Version Control with Subversion - Web version of a book about Subversion. Work in progress, subversion however already very complete. The book should be published by subversion O\'Reilly and Associates later in 2004.
  • Warehouse - Commercial web-based subversion browser that lets you manage your subversion repositories and permissions. Screen-shots, tour, and online demo.
  • EuroSVN - EuroSVN is a company specializing in managed Subversion (SVN ) and Trac project hosting. We offer affordable hosting packages to individuals and small business users.
  • Gui: Supervision - Cross Platform Java/Swing Gui. It is based on subversion the command subversion line interface.
  • SVNKit - Pure Java Subversion Library - SVNKit is an Open Source pure Java Subversion library.
  • Single-User Subversion - Introduces Subversion and explains how to use it configuration management for personal projects.
  • CollabNet Subversion - CollabNet is the main corporate sponsor of the Subversion project subversion and offers commercial collaboration environments centered around Subversion.
  • ZigVersion Mac OS X Subversion Client - ZigVersion is a Subversion client application for Mac OS X, designed around the typical workflows of professional programmers.
  • SVN2Log - Automatically generates changelogs from a Subversion repository.
  • - Subversion Repository Hosting - Offers commercial Subversion hosting and project management utilities like Trac and Bugzilla.
  • oXygen SVN Client - oXygen SVN Client allows you to browse repositories, check for tools changes, review, merge and commit changes, update your working copy tools and examine the revision history.
  • Gui: Mac/Cocoa Look for Subversion - Feature list, screen shots and download.
  • Plugin for Eclipse - Subclipse - Enables Suvbersion support in the Eclipse IDE.
  • - a Subversion hosting - This is a professional Subversion hosting service. Here tools you can subversion create your own Subversion repository and tools use it.
  • Subversion for Windows with Apache - a beginners guide - This howto describes how to install the Subversion server on configuration management a Windows system, and get it running. It is written configuration management from a beginner's perspective.
  • Plugin for Emacs - psvn.el - The page has the sources and information on subversion the module.
  • Plugin for Windows Explorer - TortoiseSVN - TortoiseSVN is TortoiseCVS for Subversion. Enables Subversion commands subversion directly in tools Windows explorer.
  • Utility: SVN-Push - Tool to push the content of a subversion subversion repository subversion or a part of a repository subversion to another repository. Downloads subversion and documentation for Perl subversion module and command-line front-end.
  • Dispelling Subversion FUD - An article by Ben Collins-Sussman that tries to configuration management dispel subversion some irrational misconceptions about Subversion.
  • Plugin for Visual Studio - VisualSVN - VisualSVN is a Microsoft Visual Studio Plugin for subversion seamless integration configuration management with Subversion.
  • Syncro SVN Client - A cross-platform GUI client for Subversion. (Commercial)
  • - A community help and discussion forum for exchanging information and tools tips with other users.
  • Labyrinth Data Services - Offers commercial encrypted subversion and web hosting plans.
  • svk Version Control System - A decentralized version control system based on subversion.
  • Slide Presentation of Subversion - Short introductory course with brief overview of features and workcycle.
  • Professional Software Project Hosting - Provides commercial Subversion hosting with integrated issue tracking subversion and discussion subversion forums.
  • Beanstalk: Subversion Hosting - A Subversion hosting service to setup, manage, and integrate Subversion tools with other web services.

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