Visual SourceSafe Tools Configuration Management Software

SourceSafe add-on that extends VSS functionality. It enables you to specify actions and run them at any time, and to search the repository for information.

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See Also:
  • CheXpy: SourceSafe Monitoring Tool - CheXpy is a utility for that monitor and visual sourcesafe notifies visual sourcesafe on changes in Visual SourceSafe repositories.
  • VSS Remoting - Access remote SourceSafe databases through an internet connection. configuration management Integrations with Visual Studio, Macromedia Studio MX and configuration management Borland Delphi.
  • SS2XML - SourceSafe to XML Export and Search Tool - Open Source set of tools to export SourceSafe meta-information (labels, comments, and users) to XML for searching.
  • VssConnect - Remote SourceSafe access using low bandwidth internet connections.
  • Bris SourceHelper - SourceSafe add-on that extends VSS functionality. It enables visual sourcesafe you visual sourcesafe to specify actions and run them at visual sourcesafe any time, visual sourcesafe and to search the repository for visual sourcesafe information.
  • SourceSafe Reporter - Tools that lets you generate reports on projects, tools file, checkouts and users in XML, HTML and tools RTF formats.
  • SourceOffSite - SourceOffSite lets you use SourceSafe remotely over any visual sourcesafe TCP/IP configuration management network.
  • Visual SourceSafe Help - Help for poorly documented issues such as remoting and integration visual sourcesafe with InterDev.
  • VSS Data Export Tool - This is a tool to export the metadata of VSS files to a database like Access or SQL Server, for further analysis.
  • Performance Software International. - FormatVB - A program to reformat Visual Basic configuration management source configuration management code into a readable and consistent style.
  • - Allows one to use Visual SourceSafe over the configuration management Internet tools by HTTP and .NET WinForms.
  • SQL Source Control 2003 - Source control and documentation versioning for SQL Server configuration management 2000 visual sourcesafe with Source Safe 6.0 support.
  • Visual SourceSafe Frequently Asked Questions - An unofficial Visual SourceSafe FAQ with answers.
  • Visual SourceVizor - A SourceSafe add-on that provides E-mail notifications, reports visual sourcesafe on tools SourceSafe activity, control of working folders override visual sourcesafe and other tools functionality.
  • Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS - Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS is a Visual SourceSafe remote access configuration management solution recommended by Microsoft. It provides fast, reliable and secure configuration management remote access for users of SourceSafe 6.0 and SourceSafe 2005.
  • SourceSafe Tools - Fast file-diffs, remote code reviews, and whole-project analysis. Integrations with Explorer and Visual Studio 6.0 and .NET.
  • TSASG - SSAnalyzer - A SourceSafe add-on tool that aims to reduce maintenance costs visual sourcesafe by identifying and correcting duplicated and near duplicated files, as visual sourcesafe well as inappropriately branched files.

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